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Alphabet announces Q4 results EPS and sales are OK

Alphabet (ticker symbol: GOOG) has announced its fourth quarter financial results.EPS was $22.30 vs. forecast of $15.98,...
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Adding elements to a dictionary and joining dictionaries in Python

This section explains how to add new elements to a dictionary (dict type object) or update the value of an existing elem...
Money and Business

Whether or Not You Should Make an Excuse for Being Late(University of Nebraska, 2019)

Purpose and Background of the ResearchWe all have times when we are late.As for late arrival, past studies have found th...
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What Year Are Millennials Born?(Pew Research Center, 2019)

The theme this time around is Millennials.Millennials are those who were born between 1980 and 1994.Millennials are some...
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7 Ways to Tell if You’re Workaholism(University of Bergen, 2016)

7 Signs of WorkaholismScore yourself on a scale of 5 on whether or not the following itemsapply to you.5 points if it ap...
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Fighting group thinking with dissent

Why dissent is essential to effective decision making.In government, in the boards of directors, every day, the inhabita...
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People who were bad in their teens are more likely to succeed at startup

This time, we will introduce the research results that “people who were bad when they were teenagers are more likely to ...
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Top 10 occupations with many psychopaths

Kevin Dutton, famous for his research on psychopaths, conducted a large-scale survey. The “Top 10 occupations with many ...
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