Hugs have an immunity-boosting effect.(the Association for Psychological Science, 2014)

ConclusionIt turns out that hugs can help relieve illness, stress and depression.In the study presented here, a very bol...

Meditation also has the effect of improving kindness

This time, I would like to introduce a study that improves the kindness of people who continue to meditate.Meditation_In...
Health and Diet

The scientifically correct way to control appetite

I think there are times when you can't control your appetite or you eat something unintentionally. Especially on holidays, you tend to eat too much. According to a paper from the University of Innsbruck, there's an easy and reliable way to control your appetite. The experiment looked at how likely it was that mentally exhausted subjects could overcome their appetite using the method. As a result, 97% of women and 67% of men succeeded in suppressing their appetite.

How to Work in a Pleasant Workplace

People often say, "If you smile, the other person will smile back.". Is this scientifically correct?Do people around you laugh if you are laughing?There is a research which investigated when humans laugh. Of course, people laugh when they are happy. However, research has shown that people often laugh when others around them laugh.
Health and Diet

How to relieve stress at work

Are you relieved from fatigue after holidays? Do you get rid of frustration and stress after holidays? In fact, few people can answer "yes" to these questions. People get depressed at the end of every holiday. These people have characteristics. For example, they feel better on Friday afternoons. But on Sunday evening, they get depressed. They face the reality that they have to go to work tomorrow. Ideally, they should be refreshed. But they can't.This is because stress has not disappeared. They may be able to get rid of their fatigue from the holidays. But they haven't been able to get rid of stress. As a result, concentration and motivation do not improve.Then, I will introduce how to relieve stress.
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