How to Double Self-Control in a Moment

After all, you have to rely on yourself. Because if you rely on someone else, you may be betrayed. In addition, people who are trusted by others are those who can control themselves.
So it's better to be able to control yourself so that you can rely on yourself and get along well with others.Here's how to recover from a loss of self-control.
Health and Diet

The scientifically correct way to control appetite

I think there are times when you can't control your appetite or you eat something unintentionally. Especially on holidays, you tend to eat too much. According to a paper from the University of Innsbruck, there's an easy and reliable way to control your appetite. The experiment looked at how likely it was that mentally exhausted subjects could overcome their appetite using the method. As a result, 97% of women and 67% of men succeeded in suppressing their appetite.
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