Body touch to the person you like! The psychology, meaning, and pulse signs that differ between men and women!

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If you are a man, you will feel happy when a woman you like touches your body. But from a woman's point of view, how do you touch her to make a man fall in love with you and show that you have a pulse? I think it's a pretty simple action, but let's take a closer look.

Some men will misunderstand you if you simply touch them, and if you are not careful about your actions, they will think badly of you. In this section, I will talk a lot about body touching to someone you like. What are some of the secrets and methods used by women in the world to make men fall in love with them?

The Psychology of Body Touching Men

Before talking about body touch from women to men, let me first introduce the psychology behind body touch from men to women. The psychology behind body touching is often different between men and women.

Simple ulterior motives.

Even if you don't have any romantic feelings for a woman, the male mind can be aroused by ulterior motives at a moment's notice. Especially when you are drunk, it is difficult to reason, and you may touch a woman's body on a whim.

In this case, it does not mean that you are in love, so even if the man who touched you is a man you like, you should not be happy about it. In fact, if you accept a sexual body touch there, you may be seen as a light-weight woman by him and others.

expression of goodwill

When you like a woman or are interested in a woman, you want to get physically close to her. However, since you don't want to be disliked by touching a woman you like, you are more cautious and reserved than you would be with an ulterior motive.

For example, if a person's hand touches your hand, arm, or any other part of your body that is far from the center of your body, it is most likely a body touch out of goodwill.

I want to get to know you.

Sometimes a person may give you a body touch when they feel that you want to get to know them as a friend without any special feelings. If he gives you a light tap on the shoulder or back, or any other body touch that is done between people of the same sex, there is a high possibility that he is doing so.

In this case, the touch is often casual and refreshing, and not very heterosexual.

Acting friendly.

Even if you don't see them as a member of the opposite sex, there are body touches that you make when you want to protect or support them, when you want to encourage them, or when you feel close to them. A light pat on the head or a hug on the shoulder often fall into this pattern.

From a woman's point of view, a pat on the head or a hug on the shoulder from a man she likes can be very exciting, but most of the time it doesn't have any special meaning, so it's best not to expect too much.

Feeling lonely.

There is also body touching, which is done with or without romantic feelings, just to touch another person and feel at ease. Just as a small child seeks the body warmth of a parent when he or she feels anxious, a person feels strangely calmed by the touch of someone's body warmth when he or she feels anxious or nervous.

Sometimes, when you have anxiety in your mind or are put in a situation where you feel insecure about something, you touch the body of someone you know who was nearby to get a sense of security. In this case, too, it does not necessarily mean that there are romantic feelings, but it is a time when the suspension bridge effect can create a situation that can easily develop into love.

The Meaning of Body Touching by Men, Part by Part

Body touch, in a nutshell, has various meanings depending on where you touch. Some body touches show favoritism, some have a sexual meaning, some show feelings different from romantic feelings, etc. Let's take a look at the meanings of different parts of the body when a man touches a woman.

What Men Mean by Body Touch: The Head

From a woman's point of view, a light tap or pat on the head may be a situation that she yearns to be given by a man she likes. However, in fact, it is often not so romantic.

When they touch your head, they often see the person they are touching as a younger sister or cute junior colleague rather than a romantic interest, which is not much different from the feelings they have when they pet a cat or a child's head. Although they feel a need to protect you, they are less likely to be sexually attracted to you.

However, a man who is an eldest son may also pat his head to a woman he likes.

What men mean by body touch: shoulders

Body touches, such as a light hug or a tap on the shoulder, are a sign of trust and support. It depends on the situation, but if it's a touch that you would give to someone of the same sex, it's often meant to encourage them as a friend or elder, not as a member of the opposite sex.

However, a strong hug on the shoulder in front of others hides a desire for exclusivity, while leaning your head on the shoulder hides a desire to be pampered.

Determine their true intentions by their facial expressions and moods at the time.

What Men Mean by Body Touch: The Case of the Arm

Body touching on the arm is an action that expresses a desire to gradually deepen the relationship. A man and a woman who are close, such as a couple, often hold hands as a sign of affection, and by touching the arm, which is close to the hand, they are checking the other person's reaction to see if it is okay to get closer.

In other words, a body touch on the arm is just a check-up before holding hands. You can assume that the man you are talking to likes you in no small way.

The Meaning of Body Touching in Men: Hands

Although the hand does not give off a sexual vibe and is considered a relatively easy part to touch, when a man touches a woman's hand, it often indicates that he wants to be intimate with her.

It can of course be romantic feelings, but it can also be sexual in nature. You can judge by the way they touch you and where they touch you other than their hands, so don't misjudge their true intentions.

What Men Mean by Body Touch: Thighs

Body touches to the lower part of the body often have a sexual connotation. The thighs in particular are a very private part of a woman's body. Touching such a place directly is nothing but an expectation of physical relationship.

If they are aware that you like them, they will touch the part closer to your buttocks. If you feel uncomfortable, it would be better to express your feelings clearly before they get the wrong idea.

What Men Mean by Body Touch: The Waist

A man may put his hand on a woman's waist when escorting her, or hold her waist when they are in an intimate situation. In some cases, this may seem like a gentlemanly body touch, but in fact, a body touch on the waist often implies an ulterior motive, just like the thigh.

If a man you don't like touches you on the waist, or even if you do like him, be careful if he touches you on the waist even though you are not in a relationship. There is a high possibility that he sees you as a sexual object rather than a romantic one, so be careful not to allow yourself to be touched easily.

What Men Mean by Body Touch: The Face

Body touching on the cheeks, lips, and other parts of the face is an act of affection for the other person. Unless a man and a woman are in a very close relationship, it is very unlikely that he would allow body touch to his face. If you are not in a relationship, then he must have been very brave to touch your face.

When he touches you, especially on the chin or lips, he wants to kiss you. If you close your eyes, there is a good chance that he will kiss you right away.

What is the moment when a man wants to body touch a woman?

Women often touch men consciously, but when men touch women, it is often more impulsive. Let's take a look at some of the emotions that make men want to touch a woman.

When you're upset.

When a man touches a woman, it is often not because he is thinking about it in his head, but because he is overwhelmed with emotion. Emotions are not only goodwill, but also sexual desire, affection, or insecurity, depending on the situation and the relationship with the woman.

Even if it is a body touch that implies favoritism, you may not be aware of your favoritism toward the woman you touched. You may even wonder why you touched her at all.

When you feel close to them.

When you are talking to a woman and you feel close to her, or you want to get to know her better, you may give her a body touch. Body touching at this time is just a friendly gesture, and does not contain any romantic or sexual meaning.

Once a man is aware of his affection for a woman, he will not be able to touch her lightly. Even if he has the opportunity to touch her, he will be more reserved, as if he is waiting for her reaction.

When someone casually touches your body in a manner similar to touching a friend of the same sex, it is wise to assume that they are not looking at you as a member of the opposite sex.

When you think you're cute.

When women see a small animal or a small child, they sometimes want to pet it or touch it because it is cute. In the same way, when a man sees a woman who is smaller than he is, or a woman who makes him feel protective, he sometimes wants to touch her because he thinks she is cute.

In this case, it may be accompanied by romantic feelings, but it is more likely that the person is not looking at you as the opposite sex, but as someone who wants to protect you somehow.

Just as you can't develop romantic feelings for a dog, cat, or child no matter how cute you think they are, it's hard to develop romantic feelings for a woman you consider to be like a sister.

The Psychology of Body Touching Women

We have discussed the psychology behind men's body touching women, but what about women? What about women? Women are much more rational in their body touching than men. They are not impulsive like men, but rather they touch their partner's body with a deliberate intention.

Trying to get a man's attention.

Unlike men, when women do body touch, it is often intentional. They understand that they can sway men's feelings by actively touching them, and they tend to dare to do so in order to get their partner's attention.

There are times when we unconsciously touch men naturally because we are close to them, but most women do not go out of their way to touch a man they do not like. Most women don't go out of their way to touch a man they don't like. The reason they touch a man they don't like is because they are trying to get financial gain from him or to satisfy their own need for approval.

I enjoy the unique texture of male muscles.

Women who have a muscle fetish are attracted to muscular male bodies anyway. They don't want to be touched in a sexual way, they just want to be touched, and they don't want a physical relationship with a man just because he touches them.

In most cases, they are just enjoying touching a man's body to feel the hard muscles and bony texture that they do not have. So, it may be premature to expect a man to like you just because you keep body touching him.

I'm trying to close the distance between us.

Like men, women also use body touch to deepen their relationship with their partner. However, it is rare for women to touch someone without being aware of their feelings for them. It is thought that women intentionally close the physical distance between themselves in order to make the person they like more aware of them.

Women are much more daring than men imagine when they are trying to win a man over. Many women know from experience what to do to get a man's heart racing, and most of the time they know exactly what line not to cross.

If a woman touches you in a hurried manner, especially near the center of your body, you can be sure that she has her sights set on you. It is a good idea to take her up on her offer, but it is important to find out how far she is willing to go in the relationship.

I'm feeling lonely.

When a woman feels helplessly lonely, she misses the warmth of human skin. They especially miss the warmth of the opposite sex when all their friends are happily in love and they are the only one without a lover, or when they are pessimistic about the future.

When loneliness reaches its peak, we may want to touch a man or be wrapped in the warmth of his arms, even if we are not in love with him.

Rather than wanting to have a sexual relationship, they are in a strong state of wanting to be treated kindly and to be relieved of their loneliness, and may withdraw when pressed by a man they are attracted to.

I'm looking for a sense of security.

A man's muscular touch and strong physique can be both threatening and reassuring to a woman. And sometimes they think that if they are with a man they are close to, he won't hurt them, and they only want the reassurance that comes from the touch.

It may be easier to understand when you are watching a horror movie or when you enter a haunted house. In the case of women, even if the person they are with is of the same sex, they may hug or cling to each other when they are scared, and if they have a male friend nearby, they will aggressively cling to him as if they are using him as a shield.

It's just because they want to calm their anxious feelings, and not because of romantic feelings. Men may think that maybe there is a pulse? However, a body touch from a woman in an unusual space or atmosphere is not a good indicator to measure her liking for you.

What kind of body touch is best?

When a woman wants to attract a man's attention, she needs to be creative in her body touching to attract his attention and not make him think she is a lightweight. Here are some tips on how to get a man's attention without giving him the wrong impression.

A casual touch on the shoulder.

First of all, let's think about the psychology of men when they are body touched. When you ask a man out on a date, what do you do? You contact him on line or by e-mail and ask him out for dinner.

For example, let's say you invite a guy to go see a night view. If you casually touch him on the shoulder, he will think, “Is this girl interested in me? He will be happy to hear that.

To begin with, men simply want to be in constant contact with the person they love. He might give you a fierce body touch, such as a shoulder or cheek touch, or a kiss. Also, if he doesn't go as far as liking you, but agrees to go on a date with you, he has a little bit of a thing for you.

In the event that you have a lot of money, you may want to take a look at a few of these items. It's a great way to get to know the people you're going to be meeting.

Operate the computer mouse together from behind.

I once asked a man what part of a woman's body touch attracted him.

He had some questions about computer operation, so he called a female colleague, who casually held the mouse with him and explained the operation.

She explained that she was talking to him from behind and that her breasts were against his back, which made him nervous. The fact that she was talking in his ear and their hands were touching each other was another factor that made him nervous.

In other words, from a woman's point of view, an action taken casually can make a good impression on a man.

How to touch without causing disgust.

Some men want to be close to and touch people they like, but don't want to be close to or touched by people they don't like. Even men feel uncomfortable when they are touched by women they don't like very much.

There are times when I feel very uncomfortable with women who touch me, especially if they have some excuse to do so. This is something that some women don't like even with other women. It's a little uncomfortable to think that a woman who is pretentious is going to scare off your personal space with her sticky touch.

In the event that you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you are going to use body touch, try to make it a trivial and natural action.

What are the pulse signs that men tell you?

Even if you don't feel comfortable telling him you like him in words, you can at least send him a pulse sign with a little courage. If he sends you a sign that he likes you without words, what does it look like?

Personal space is close.

We all have our own sphere, and we don't want to be around people we don't get along with or don't like. On the other hand, we want to be close to people we like, so we naturally become closer to them. In psychology, this is called personal space.

For example, you feel uncomfortable in the close quarters of an elevator because you can't stand the close proximity to other people and feel uncomfortable. From the time you get on, don't you naturally look at the floor number display to distract yourself? As a result, many people feel safer on stairs or escalators because they can create their own distance from others. However, in psychological studies, personal space is different for lovers, friends, and strangers. With a lover or someone you like who you have forgiven, it is within 45cm.

If you are in contact with someone of the opposite sex and they do not move away when you get within 45cm of them, or if they come within 45cm of you, it is a sign that they are interested in you and have a pulse.

In other words, if you can converse naturally with each other at a distance of 45cm without feeling uncomfortable, there is a good chance that you can develop a romantic relationship.

Next, if you are seen as a friend, consider your personal space to be between 45cm and 120cm away. They don't particularly like you, and they don't hate you. This is a distance that does not make you nervous and does not make you like each other.

Therefore, if you are at this distance when you are talking with someone you like, it does not mean that you have a pulse yet, but that you need to work on it.

On the other hand, if the distance is more than 120cm, you may have feelings of dislike and dislike. If the distance is more than 120cm, you may have feelings of dislike and dislike for the person.

Furthermore, personal space can vary by gender and personality.

Introverts have a smaller personal space, while extroverts have a larger one. If you are talking to an introverted man, you will need to be careful to keep a little distance. If you are talking to an introvert, you need to get closer to him and talk to him face to face so that you can finally get to know each other.

If possible, women and men want to be more than friends with the person they like. If that's the case, try changing your personal space to match the other person's behavior and personality, or observe their facial expressions and incorporate body touch.

If you can use it well, he may turn to you.

I'll give you a look.

If a man who rarely touches you starts to touch you more often, and you find yourself looking at him more often, it may be a sign that he is interested in you. The fact that you and he are looking at each other means that both of you are aware of each other.

It is never a case of looking at each other over and over again when nothing is going on. This is because they are so excited to tell you something, and they want you to notice them as soon as possible.

Men don't look at women they don't like, so keep your antennae up and be the first to notice him looking at you.

And accept his favors as much as you can. If he touches you a lot and looks at you passionately, it means that he is attracted to you and likes you.

We looked at each other and he looked away.

In the event that you're not sure what to do, you'll be able to find out more about the best way to do it.

However, there are also reclusive men who simply have a hard time making eye contact with others. So instead of judging him easily, you may want to observe whether he makes eye contact with others when he is talking to them.

If there are body touches and hot looks only to you, it is still a sign that he likes only you. Please give it a try.

Talk about your private problems.

Because they trust and like their partner, men want to talk to women about their private problems and solve their problems.

However, if you are discussing a private problem and you are listening only at the top, or if you inadvertently slip up to others, your relationship will be ruined. So, it's a good idea to take your partner's problems as seriously as possible.

Because you talk to him about your problems, it means that you are someone he can rely on and show his weak side to. You want to be able to rely on them because they are someone you like.

How to make a man more captivated?

If the way the person you like treats you and your attitude seems to be changing, you may be close to getting a confession. What I'm going to show you here is how you can grab the feelings of the person you like and bring them closer together. Men are surprisingly honest, so it may be easier for them to fall for you than you imagine.

Make people feel safe with body touch.

The sign that will make a man more attracted to you is to let him know that you are always aware of him and that you think he is important, and to make him feel secure. I have just introduced the effect of body touch on male psychology.

I mentioned that body touches can convey dislike or affection, but it is also important to make them feel safe. It is also important to make her feel secure. If you show her that you are the only person who can be there for her without harming her, she will open up to you.

Just praise.

Always observe the characteristics and gestures of the person you like, and when you talk to them, show them how attractive you are and compliment them. For example, “Today's hairstyle is different and cool. You look great.” You look great.

If a woman who doesn't usually talk to you talks to you a lot and compliments you on your clothes and inner life, it's a sign that she likes you. Give him a sign that you like him and appeal to him!

If your feelings are conveyed and the guy compliments you on something, you've won. Ask the guy out to dinner and go on a date with him.


We've told you the signs of affection, how to use body touch, the secrets of how to appeal to a woman, and how to let her know you like her.

Women often want to get into the pocket of a man they like as much as possible, so they observe him closely, but even if they don't, if they pay attention to what he does and says, they will eventually figure it out.

Love is best accomplished successfully when men and women enjoy each other's company. I hope you will have a happy relationship.

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