Cognitive ability


Humans believe information as it is if they don’t have time to think about it.(University of Texas, 1993)

PointIt became clear how humans react to new information.In fact, our first reaction to new information is instinctively...

Taking Creatine Increases Cognitive Performance(The University of Sydney, 2013)

PointCreatine is commonly known as a supplement used by athletes toincrease muscle mass.But that's not the only effe...
Mental Strengthening

The Latest Science Reveals the Benefits of Yoga(the American Psychological Association, 2017)

ConclusionAs the popularity of yoga grows worldwide, there is a growing movementto scientifically verify its effectivene...

[5 Minutes Easy Training] Lowers blood pressure and boosts cognitiveand physical performance(FASB Journal, 2019)

ConclusionFive minutes of respiratory muscle training was found to have thefollowing effects.Reduces risk of heart attac...
Mental Strengthening

It seems that the brain works better even with just 15 minutes of exercise.

It is often said that “the only way to train the brain is exercise”, but there are many research results that exercise a...
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