Health and Diet

Exercise can help keep you from being hungry

I exercise as soon as I get up in the morning.If you are on a diet, we recommend that you get up in the morning and work...
Health and Diet

If you eat with your back straight, you will lose weight

It is well known that human posture has a great influence on mental.As mentioned below, TED became a hot topic.Humans ac...
Health and Diet

Coffee has the effect of suppressing appetite

There was a research result that coffee has an appetizing effect.This time, I will introduce this research.Does coffee a...
Health and Diet

The scientifically correct way to control appetite

I think there are times when you can't control your appetite or you eat something unintentionally. Especially on holidays, you tend to eat too much. According to a paper from the University of Innsbruck, there's an easy and reliable way to control your appetite. The experiment looked at how likely it was that mentally exhausted subjects could overcome their appetite using the method. As a result, 97% of women and 67% of men succeeded in suppressing their appetite.
Love and Marriage

What do men find most attractive about women? It turned out that it was neither body type nor personality.

What do men find most attractive about women?Of course, people have various charms. So one attraction doesn't determine whether you're attractive or not. Here's what men look at most unconsciously to judge women's attractiveness.Men instinctively want to leave offspring. The point is what you're looking at to leave offspring.It's said evolutionarily and psychologically that men want healthy partners just like women.People can live healthily if they have some fat. So we can say a little chubby woman is attractive.But don't men like slender women?
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