Love and Marriage

Body touch to the person you like! The psychology, meaning, and pulse signs that differ between men and women!

If you are a man, you will feel happy when a woman you like touches your body. But from a woman's point of view, how...

The Psychology of Morally Harassed Women and Countermeasures! Also introduces the characteristics of women who are easily harassed.

Many people are troubled by women who are moral harassers at work or among their friends. If you are a man, you would wa...

How to point out what’s wrong with a lover, family or friend withoutruining the relationship(University of Rochester et al.,2020)

Purpose and Background of the ResearchEmpathy for your partner is said to be very important in a romanticrelationship.Th...
Love and Marriage

Eventually a gentle man becomes popular with women

Do you often hear that “It is not a good man but a bad man that is popular among women”?However, the research result tha...
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