Love and Marriage

Ten reasons why marriages break up.

After the proposal, greetings from both families, and setting the date for the wedding, the marriage you've been dre...
Love and Marriage

What is the ideal age difference between you and your partner? How to Turn Around a Partner with an Age Difference

I want to marry a younger woman!I like older people, will they see me as a romantic interest?Many people are concerned a...
Love and Marriage

Expressing gratitude can help you sustain a good relationship with your partner(University of Georgia, 2015)

PointHere's what the study found.Couples who appreciate each other value marriage as a higher quality one.Expressing...
Love and Marriage

Eventually a gentle man becomes popular with women

Do you often hear that “It is not a good man but a bad man that is popular among women”?However, the research result tha...
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