Mental Strengthening

New Discovery: Depression Symptoms Most People Don’t Notice(Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf et al., 2016)

People with depression tend to think that when a bad event happens, itwas predictable.According to the scientific paper ...

Hugs have an immunity-boosting effect.(the Association for Psychological Science, 2014)

ConclusionIt turns out that hugs can help relieve illness, stress and depression.In the study presented here, a very bol...
Mental Strengthening

The Latest Science Reveals the Benefits of Yoga(the American Psychological Association, 2017)

ConclusionAs the popularity of yoga grows worldwide, there is a growing movementto scientifically verify its effectivene...
Mental Strengthening

Positive thinking may not work for Asians

Positive thinking is often said to improve depression, but research has shown that it does not work for Asians.Today I w...
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