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How To Keep Your Brain 10 Years Younger(University of Cambridge et al., 2016)

Don't become obeseThe best way to keep your brain 10 years younger is to not be obese.According to the scientific pa...
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This diet reverses brain aging much better than exercise

When the microglia stops working properly, the brain begins to degrade.A new diet reveals a low-fat diet and restricted ...
Health and Diet

Countermeasures against gluttony that are scientifically effective

I have been a big eater.But gluttony leads to obesity.Moreover, high calorie intake can lead to aging.So, I've been ...
Health and Diet

What is “AGE” that promotes aging?

I love to eat meat.However, recently there has been an increasing number of arguments that eating meat will promote agin...
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Unexpected aging sign

This time we will introduce “Aging Signs”.Here is the original paper.A clear sign of aging creeping on youAlthough wrink...
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