scientists have found a drug that reduces unpleasant memories

Mental Strengthening

There was an article that a medicine to reduce unpleasant memories was found.
I will introduce it this time.
New drug reduces negative memory

Researchers in Switzerland have used genetic analysis to estimate which genes are involved in “negative memory”.
When a drug that affects the gene was given to a subject, it was remarkably easy to forget negative memories.
By the way, there was no effect on positive memory.

And the ingredient of the medicine with this effect is called “diphenhydramine”.
It is contained in sleep inducing agent as main component.
When I researched further, I found that there are cheaper products with more of the same ingredients.
It was a medicine effective for allergic rhinitis.
Allergic rhinitis medicine is much cheaper than sleeping pills, so it seems better to buy allergic rhinitis medicine if you want to erase unpleasant memories.

You'll want to see how it works, but if you want to experiment with your body, you'll have to do it on purpose.
I don't want to have a bad experience on purpose, so I want to try it when I happen to have a bad experience.

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