Loneliness raises mortality as much as smoking

Mental Strengthening

It has long been said that loneliness is not good for the mind and body.
So I wondered how bad loneliness is for my health, and the other day I read a paper that examined loneliness and mortality.
This time, I will introduce the paper.Social Relationships and Mortality Risk

According to the paper, loneliness is as mortal as tobacco.
Of course, loneliness does not increase mortality immediately.
Loneliness induces chronic tiredness, depression, and unexplained pain, and seems to destroy the body. The mortality rate was almost the same as the risk of death from smoking.

By the way, according to research on positive psychology, if we can't get out of loneliness, just having a delusion of having fun talking with good friends can be very effective.
So if you are worried about loneliness, please try it.

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