Listening during sleep is effective for language learning(The Swiss universities of Zurich and Fribourg, 2014)

Learning Method


Listening to newly learned words during sleeping has proven to be effective.

However, there are conditions for obtaining the learning effect.

  • Listening words must be words that you have already learned.
  • It is during non-REM sleep that the learning effect can be expected.

Tips for practicing this technique

Listening during sleep is most effective during non-REM sleep.Non-REMsleep is an undreamed sleep that usually occurs during the first halfof sleep.Therefore, for example, if you go to bed at 12pm, try to play thewords between 1am and 3am.If the volume is too high, you will wake up, so set the volume low.Also, be careful to play the words you have learned.Listening to wordsyou don't know has no effect.

In other words, this learning method can be used as a review method inlanguage acquisition.This is a simple learning method that anyone can do, so give it a try.

Introduction of the research

Research InstituteThe Swiss universities of Zurich and Fribourg
Year the study was published2014
Quote sourceSchreiner & Rasch, 2014

Research Method

The study was conducted with students studying Dutch.The procedure ofthe experiment is as follows.

  1. At 10 o'clock in the evening, the students learn new words.
  2. The students are divided into sleeping groups and awake groups.
  3. Play Dutch words and let both groups hear them.
  4. At 2 am both groups take a word memory test.

Through this experiment, researchers investigated whether listening towords while sleeping has a learning effect.

Research Result

The sleeping group performed better than the awake group.In short, thestudy suggests that listening during sleep may have a learningeffect.

My view on this research

The study compared those who were sleeping with those who wereawake.In the next experiment, it is desirable that all subjects areasleep. Then, I would expect the subjects to be divided into groupsthat listen to words and groups that don't.This would further supportthe finding that listening during sleep is effective for languagelearning.

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