Learning while exercising makes it more fun

Learning Method


Dr. Seth Roberts, famous as the creator of “Shangri-La Diet”, claimed in his blog that “It is fun to learn while walking a foreign language.”
This time I will introduce this.
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  • Someone learning something
  • Person who wants to extend study time
  • Those who want to learn more fun

Reference content

Dr. Suddenly studied Chinese on a room runner, and suddenly it became fun to memorize, and he was able to continue getting bored in 10 minutes for 40 minutes.
Seth's Blog
About this phenomenon, Dr. Roberts speculates that “humans move their hands when speaking, so there is a relationship between movement and thinking”.
Furthermore, he presents an evolutionary reason, “It may have been because people in the primitive era usually got new information by walking and moving.”

How to make practical use of this in your life

When studying, learn while doing light exercises.
For example, study while walking or studying while stepping on a stepper.
However, it is difficult to study while always exercising.
In such a case, exercise between studying.
For example, if you go up stairs or do squats during breaks, more blood will flow to your brain and your brain will be activated.
Doing so will improve your memory and focus.
By the way, historical greats (such as Einstein) also used to take exercises such as walks.
It is also a good idea to work while standing using a standing desk.

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