Quizzes in between studies improve memory.

Learning Method

This section explains how to study to achieve your goals in an efficient manner.
Continuing from the previous article, we will introduce how to use tests to learn.
Previously, we have introduced the following information.

In this article, I will introduce you to the timing of quizzes, which will improve your memory.

Quizzes for review will improve your performance in other subjects.

Previous studies have confirmed that the test effect is visible in all subjects.
Why does the test effect have such a dramatic effect?
It is thought that working on the test will help the brain to recall the subject matter.
A recent study discovered an interesting fact related to this test effect.
It's called the “midterm test effect.
Let's say you study one subject, then another subject, then another.
If you do a quiz-style review of Subject 1 between the time you study Subject 1 and the time you study Subject 2, you will, strangely enough, improve your test results for Subject 2.
We call this a mid-term test because it is given in between the study of Subject 1 and Subject 2.

Experimental Methods

Now look at the following experiment.
Four conditions were provided to ascertain the existence of a midterm test effect.
Wissman, K. T., Rawson, K. A. & Pyc, M. A. (2011) The interim test effect: Testing prior material can facilitate the learning of new material.

  1. Between studying Subject 1 and Subject 2, take a review test for Subject 1.
  2. Study subject 1 and then study subject 2 without reviewing subject 1.
  3. Study subject 1, then study another subject, and then study subject 2.
  4. Do not study or review subject 1, but study subject 2.

The subject matter was in English.
In the “with midterm” condition, the review test for Subject 1 was considered the “midterm” test.
Subject 1 and Subject 2 are completely unrelated.
Also, the third condition, “another study,” involved studying mathematics.

experimental results

The test scores for Subject 2 were almost twice as high as the scores for the other three conditions for the midterm test for Subject 1.


The results of the experiment showed that in the condition where the midterm test (a review test of Subject 1) was given, the students' performance was almost twice as good as in the other conditions.
I can only say that it is an amazing effect.

The existence of the midterm test effect means that by doing a quiz in reviewing one subject, you can even improve your grade in another subject.
It is not yet known why the midterm test effect occurs.
There is a theory that this is because the midterm test allows the brain's mechanism for retrieving memories etched by learning to work better.
In any case, use the test for review, which is the most ironclad rule of all.

What you need to know in order to study efficiently

  • You should always use quizzes for review.
  • Not just a test effect, but a midterm effect.

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So far, we have introduced the timing of the review and the learning method using the dispersion effect.
In order to learn efficiently, it is very important to review well.
Please refer to it.

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