Top 10 occupations with many psychopaths

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Kevin Dutton, famous for his research on psychopaths, conducted a large-scale survey. The “Top 10 occupations with many psychopaths” announced in the survey was interesting, so I will introduce it.

According to Dutton, the top 10 occupations with many psychopaths are:

  1. CEO
  2. lawyer
  3. entertainer
  4. Salesman
  5. surgeon
  6. journalist
  7. Policeman
  8. clergyman
  9. Cook
  10. Civil service

It feels like work that has many scenes that you have to do even if you don't want to do is ranked.

Conversely, the top 10 occupations with few psychopaths have been announced.

  1. Caregiver
  2. nurse
  3. therapist
  4. engineer
  5. Hairdresser
  6. volunteer
  7. teacher
  8. Artist
  9. doctor
  10. Accountant

It is interesting that surgeons have many psychopaths and other doctors have few psychopaths.

By the way, the features of psychopaths mentioned by Dutton are as follows.

  • have confidence
  • Cold
  • Tongue
  • No fear
  • attractive
  • Strong against pressure
  • Self-centered
  • Irresponsible

If you are told, it seems that a CEO with these characteristics is likely to succeed.

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