How to Double Self-Control in a Moment


Here’s how you can control your motivation and behavior.

After all, you have to rely on yourself. Because if you rely on someone else, you may be betrayed. In addition, people who are trusted by others are those who can control themselves.
So it’s better to be able to control yourself so that you can rely on yourself and get along well with others.

How to increase willpower

Here’s how to recover from a loss of self-control.
A new study from the University of New South Wales found that watching a video increases our willpower, our ability to control ourselves. The more willpower you have, the more focused you will be, the more likely you will be to put up with what you have to endure, and the more likely you will be able to plan your actions. That means you won’t be swayed by emotions.

What kind of video is it?
It is a comedy video.

In the experiment, 70 students were given 2 two-page papers. They were then asked to check how many of the letter “e” were in the paper.
These simple tasks temporarily reduce your ability to control yourself. You’ve probably also become vulnerable to temptation when you’re tired after work or after a lot of patience. It’s not yet clear whether the willpower itself will decrease. However, we know that when your brain gets tired after doing simple tasks, your patience and concentration will decrease.
In the experiment, participants were divided into two groups after performing simple tasks and wasting their willpower.One group watched a funny scene from Mr. Bean’s movie and the other group watched a video of dolphins swimming in a beautiful sea.

The two groups will be asked to do the simple work again after watching the video. And the research team looked at whether the willpower eventually decreased.
As a result, the group watching the comedy video had twice as much time to focus on the task as the group watching the dolphin video. That means people in that group were able to concentrate better and work twice as long.

What to do if you lose your concentration at work or study

Of course, it’s not good to watch videos too long. However, watching a comedy video for a short time can help you regain focus. Why don’t you watch it during your break for work or study?

It has been said that comedy is effective for mental and stress for a long time. I also feel that my stress is released after watching a comedy. Comedy relieves stress and makes you want to communicate with others. In other words, comedy promotes communication. It is also considered to be one of the reasons that it is useful for health and stress relief.
In addition, unnecessary brain tension, fatigue, and stress are relieved by comedy videos. That’s why scientists say watching comedy videos can help you regain your concentration.

Turn on your focus.

There’s been some debate about whether this effect can only be used for recovery, but we know that comedy has the power to turn on concentration.
For example, choose a 5-minute YouTube comedy video and watch it for just 5 minutes before you study or work. When you’re done, you’ll be able to focus more than you’d think.
You can use comedy videos to restore your concentration and turn it on.
Give it a try.

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