What do men find most attractive about women? It turned out that it was neither body type nor personality.

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What do men find most attractive about women?
Of course, people have various charms. So one attraction doesn’t determine whether you’re attractive or not. Here’s what men look at most unconsciously to judge women’s attractiveness.

Men instinctively want to leave offspring. The point is what you’re looking at to leave offspring.
It’s said evolutionarily and psychologically that men want healthy partners just like women.
People can live healthily if they have some fat. So we can say a little chubby woman is attractive.

But don’t men like slender women?

Generally speaking, slender women seem to be more popular. Why is this?
Survival should be better for women with a little fat.

Why do men prefer slender women?

There is a study of 1327 men. The study looked at the relationship between a woman’s body shape and her popularity from an evolutionary point of view.
Humans must have adapted to pass on their genes to future generations. Women will want men who are strong enough to survive, and men will want women who can give birth to and raise healthy children. So, the study was based on the hypothesis that women who are slightly chubby may be more popular because people with moderate fat generally live longer.

The research team looked at previous studies to determine the body shape of the most healthy women. They found that women with a BMI between 22.8 and 24.8 were the healthiest. I think this is between chubby and slender.
The study recruited 1327 male subjects from various countries, including Europe and Asia. The men were then shown images of the woman’s body type and asked to rate which body type was most attractive.

As a result, women with a BMI of 19 were the most popular.
Don’t you doubt this result? From an evolutionary point of view, a slightly chubby woman should be more popular. The researchers looked into why this happened. It turns out that this mathematical model is about body shape and doesn’t take into account any important factors.

The factor is youth.
Because the index of youth was not considered, there was a difference in the survey results.
This study suggests that men judge women’s attractiveness based on their youth rather than their body shape or personality.

There is data that slender women look younger. In other words, women with less fat look younger. In fact, women with a BMI between 17-20 are more likely to be between the ages of 18-20.
In short, men are evolving to like the body shape of women between the ages of 18 and 20. By the way, biologically, the age from 20 to 18 is the most favorable age for childbirth.

Men judge women’s attractiveness not by their personality or body shape but by their youth. The body shape, personality and way of speaking are all characteristics that lead to youth. Men are more likely to like women who are young enough to give birth.

The study only looked at the relationship between body fat levels and men’s preferences. So, even if you look younger in terms of your body fat, if you’re smoking a lot, eating processed foods all the time, or your skin is dry, your attractiveness will naturally go down.
This experiment proved that youth is important. However, this does not mean that women will lose their appeal unless they are between the ages of 18 and 20. It’s just that the reason men like slender women is because of their youth.
So if you want to be attractive to men, you should be careful to keep your health condition young.

Then, what should women who look old do? Of course, anti-aging is also important. However, some scientists say people who look older may become more popular by increasing body fat.
They think that as people get older, a little fat is better for survival than thin. People prefer strong survival.

Women are more attracted to men if they keep their youth appropriate to their age than if they keep their appearance beautiful.
So, for example, it is important for women to pay attention to skin care in order to keep their skin young. Skin care doesn’t mean you should use expensive cosmetics. It is desirable that the skin is healthy and clean.

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