The Psychology of Morally Harassed Women and Countermeasures! Also introduces the characteristics of women who are easily harassed.


Many people are troubled by women who are moral harassers at work or among their friends. If you are a man, you would want to know if the woman you meet or your girlfriend has a moral harassment temperament. If you have met a harassing woman, you would like to know how to deal with her.

Understanding the characteristics and psychology of a harassing woman will make it easier to deal with such a woman when you encounter her. Even if it is difficult to correct their character, you can minimize the damage if you recognize them early on and keep your distance.

In this article, I will introduce the characteristics, psychology, and countermeasures of terrible women for those who are troubled by morally harassing women. And finally, I'll explain the characteristics of women who are easily harassed.

Characteristics and Psychology of Morally Harassed Women

Here, we will introduce the characteristics and psychology of morally harassing women. The following is an introduction to moral harassment specific to women, so let's check if any of them apply to the people around you.

sarcasm in a roundabout way

There are women who pretend to be making small talk on the surface, but are sarcastic in a roundabout way.Depending on the situation, it may be more hurtful to be told in a roundabout way than to be told directly in a terrible way.

An example of a roundabout sarcastic remark is to say something in front of someone who is obviously fatter than you, such as, “I've gained weight recently, I need to lose it. Especially if the other person is concerned about his or her own body shape, this is an ill-considered comment.

There are three possible psychological reasons for being sarcastic in a roundabout way.The first is when the person has malicious intentions to hurt the other person, the second is when the person does not mean to be sarcastic and says it unconsciously. Second, the person may not mean to be sarcastic and may be saying it unconsciously. Third, the person may want to be reassured by having others deny that he or she is being sarcastic.

Keep harping on it.

If someone does something disgusting to you, but you have forgiven them with a proper apology, it can be said that the person who keeps digging up the matter and complaining about it has a bad character. However, morally harassed women will continue to complain even afterwards about something they have forgiven once. Even if it's just one mistake, they will rehash it over and over again and keep on attacking you.

One possible explanation for this psychology is that the woman is not satisfied with her current situation.This may be the case not only when the victim is responsible, but also when other stresses are reminding them of their previous mistakes. It may also be related to the nature of having a good memory and not being able to forget unpleasant things.

If you date or marry a woman of this type, she will complain endlessly about the past at every turn. If you see this in your current partner, you may want to think twice about going out with her.

get angry hysterically

There are harassed women who get hysterically angry, crying and lashing out at the slightest thing. The psychology of a woman who gets angry in this way may be that she has been under a lot of stress and has exploded.

Also, women are often less strong than men, so they may instinctively try to protect themselves by shouting or lashing out with objects.

This type of woman tends to yell at her subordinates, her lover, or her own children. They will have a big attitude when they judge someone to be in a lower position than themselves.


There are moral harassers who don't directly say or do anything horrible, but say bad things behind your back.In some cases, you may have to tell a false story to get the person to isolate themselves in order to damage their reputation.There are also scary cases where a person puts on a good face in front of the other person, but behind the scenes he or she is saying terrible bad things.

The psychology behind this behavior is likely to be jealousy of the victim.Some women will also speak ill of others in order to improve their own reputation. It can be said that these types of women are often harsh to their junior female colleagues. They are flirtatious with men and senior women and try to put down junior women.

Nosy words and actions

The nosy behavior is often seen in mother-type women who want to take care of others.Of course, there are many cases where the woman is really thinking for the other person, and most of them do not take offense.However, too much interference can be seen as moral harassment.

For example, a person may judge things based on his or her own sense of value and use harsh words such as, “That dress is tacky and you should stop wearing it. These words do not show consideration for the other person.

People who are shunned for their nosy behavior tend to be very confident that they are right.This type of person will also have a tendency to mount you in any way they can.And because he has no bad intentions, it is unlikely that his words and actions will be changed.

What to do when you encounter a harassing woman at work or among your friends.

If you have a morally harassing woman at work or among your friends, take all possible measures to prevent yourself from being victimized. Here is a list of countermeasures and measures to take when you encounter a woman who is a moral harasser. Please refer to it not only for women to each other, but also for men who are troubled by harassing women.

Keep your distance.

In order to avoid being spotted by a harassing woman, it is important to keep your distance and not get involved more than necessary.If you keep a certain distance, even if someone says something you don't like once in a while, it won't cause you enough damage to cause you great stress.

When it comes to keeping your distance, avoiding the obvious is counterproductive.If the harasser senses that you don't like it, she may attack you.Therefore, it would be ideal to maintain a relationship with them to the extent that you keep in touch with work and only engage in small talk during work.

not caring

If someone says or does something horrible to you, don't take it seriously and just let it go, so you won't get stressed out.Some people's personalities cause them to hit others when they are in a bad mood. In many cases, people who are emotionally angry say something unintentional on the spur of the moment, and the person in question quickly forgets about it.

In other words, the more you worry about it, the more you lose.Don't be swayed by malicious words, and only accept the words of people you trust, and you will feel better.

Also, if the woman is not aware that she is being harassed, ignoring what she says and does may be a solution to the problem. If she ignores you, she may think, “Did I say something that offended you? and may stop the harassment.

talk back

Some harassing women have a superior attitude because they think that the other person cannot talk back. Also, some women may not realize that they are hurting the other person because they are not rebuffed.Therefore, you should talk back and make them aware of the moral harassment.

However, if you include sarcasm when you talk back, the situation may get worse. To avoid becoming the same perpetrator, calmly point out the other person's problem.

Talk to other friends.

There may be other victims of harassing women besides you. Observe your workplace and your friends to find out who they are. If you can find someone who is suffering from the same problem as you, you can fight against the harasser together. This way, you will have a better chance of fighting off the harassing woman than if you have to face the problem alone.

Even if there were no other victims, it is recommended that you talk to someone about it.Talking about your problems with others will help you relieve stress and keep your mental health in check.Also, having someone to talk to may help you find a solution to your situation.

Characteristics of women who are vulnerable to moral harassment

Finally, here are some characteristics and personalities of women who are likely to become victims of moral harassment. If for some reason you find it easy to gather morally harassing men and women around you, or if you are easily sarcastic, you may be one of these characteristics. It is difficult to change one's own personality, but changing one's attitude toward a harassing person may improve the situation.

faint of heart

A woman with a weak temperament will be an easy target for a harassing man or woman.Be careful if you know the other person is wrong but cannot point it out or express your own opinion. In a relationship where you don't know each other well, you may be judged by your appearance and mood.

Moral harassers also cannot be strong against people who are likely to get back at them.They target people they know to be weak-minded and try to bring them under their control. It's important to say clearly that you don't like what they say.


For example, there may be a woman with a kind personality who actively performs miscellaneous tasks at the office and does not complain when work is forced upon her. Gentle people are well liked by those around them, but they also tend to be susceptible to moral harassment.That's because it's easy for people to think that they can say anything they want.

Also, in some cases, a gentle person may not take it as moral harassment even if something terrible is said. As a result, the harasser may take advantage and escalate his/her behavior and words. Even if you are not weak-minded, people who do not get angry much tend to think that “anything I say is okay.

I don't have many friends.

Harassed women and men are surprisingly concerned about the reputation of the people around them. Therefore, they will be careful not to give a bad impression to a woman who has many friends and a wide face.This is because they are afraid that a bad rumor will spread from that person and ruin their reputation.

On the other hand, women who don't have many friends are considered to have no one around them to talk to even if they feel bad, so people who harass them come out stronger.You don't need to force yourself to make more friends, but it will be easier to work if you have established some relationships at work.

being inefficient

Women who are slow and inexperienced in their work and daily activities tend to be ridiculed by those around them. In particular, people who are moralistic will take a condescending attitude toward such people.

In many cases, women who are not to the point are aware of the trouble they are causing their colleagues and friends.Therefore, when others say something sarcastic to you, you may not be able to say anything back.

However, no matter how slow the person's work is, it is not a good reason to hurt them with terrible words or actions.If you are thinking about them, you should face them and give them proper guidance. Morally harassed men and women are just looking for someone lower than themselves to feel superior.

I'm not confident in myself.

People who lack self-confidence and think negatively are the types of people who are easy targets for moral harassment.This is probably because he or she has negative thoughts, which creates a negative atmosphere in his or her actions and words.People who lack self-confidence often belittle themselves, and in some cases, the other person will take advantage of this and say something ridiculous to them.

The same words have a different weight when said by yourself and when said by others.If you lack confidence and others say terrible things about you, it will cause you to feel more depressed.Therefore, it is recommended that you do not make too many self-deprecating remarks in front of other people.


The following is an introduction to the psychology of morally harassing women and how to deal with them. In the workplace or among friends, a harassing woman will often target another woman. And in many cases, it can be said that they are flirtatious to men.

Therefore, a man may become deeply involved with a woman without realizing that she is a moral harasser. Please be careful if you notice anything unusual in the words, actions, or behavior of your lover or marriage partner.

If someone fits the characteristics of a harassing woman, keep your distance and see what happens. If they do something you don't like, you should speak up and say it back.

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