Ten reasons why marriages break up.

Love and Marriage

After the proposal, greetings from both families, and setting the date for the wedding, the marriage you've been dreaming of is almost here!
At such a time, they would never think that they would have to separate.

Especially for couples in a long-distance relationship, there are some problems that they notice when they get closer to each other.
In this article, I would like to introduce you to some of the reasons why “marriage breakups” may happen to you.

Examples of breakups due to personality disagreements or changes in attitude

Because I've realized who they really are.

When two people are lovers, the stronger their feelings of love for each other are, the less they worry about the other person's shortcomings.
However, marriage means to spend the rest of your life with that person.

As soon as you see it, you start to see the parts of yourself that you just can't forgive.
I thought he was kind to everyone, but he just seemed indecisive and unreliable.
Or maybe you thought he was a manly man, but he is stubborn and inflexible.

Marriage is an event that, for better or worse, is not just a pretty face.
Maybe that's why we face up to what we've been pretending not to see and think, “I still can't forgive you.

It would be better if we could solve the problem through discussion, but it is hard to fix a personality.
Also, if your partner likes to smoke or gamble, it can be very difficult to actually stop, even if you promise to stop after marriage.

You suddenly got cold.

The longer you stay together, the more you get used to each other, which is inevitable.
It is also common to feel as if he was very kind to you in the beginning of your relationship, but suddenly became cold.

Many women suffer from marriage blues, especially when they decide to get married.
They think too much about many things, and often can't forgive his coldness, leading to a breakup.

However, he may not have meant to be cold, or he may have just been joking.
“That's cold!” Instead of blaming them, try to calm down and talk to them first.

We lived together and realized that our personalities didn't match.

There are many couples who live together when they decide to get married.
There are times when it is more convenient to live together, such as when preparing for a wedding.

However, it is also true that breakups due to differences in the way of life of both parties have occurred because of living together.

Since they had been living separately until then, it should be natural for them to have different lifestyles.
However, there are times when they fight over small things like how to do the laundry or how to season the food.

You may be surprised at the side of him that you don't know until you live with him, but it's the same for him.
It's important to talk a lot and come to terms with each other.

However, it is better to wait a little while before talking to your own parents, as this could lead to deeper problems.

An example of how a lack of cooperation can break the ice.

The other person does not contribute to the household chores.

In recent years, more and more women are continuing to work after marriage.
An important part of married life in a dual-earner household is the sharing of household chores.
Since we both have jobs, we need to cooperate with each other to make a living.

In the beginning, he was very active in helping me, but he gradually withdrew from housework due to his busy schedule.
As a result, there are times when women take on all the household chores and end up clashing with each other, saying, “That's not what was promised! This can lead to conflict.

If the line between the roles is unclear, it is easy to assume that the other person will do it, and as a result, neither will do it.
If you set rules at the beginning, such as “I'll do the cooking, you clean up after me,” you may have less trouble later on.

He was uncooperative in our wedding preparations.

There are many things to do in preparation for marriage, such as deciding on the location of the meeting between the two families, finding a new house, and confirming the necessary documents.
In the beginning, it was fun to see this and that being decided, and it was fine as long as I took the initiative….

It's not uncommon for me to suddenly realize, “Aren't I the only one doing this? It's not uncommon to suddenly feel angry.
“I'm sure you've heard this before, but I'm not sure if you've heard it before.

There are even cases where the bride's parents are angry and the groom's parents are also upset, resulting in a clash between the parents.

First of all, it is important not to get angry because they don't do it, but to try to get them to do it.
Let's try to manipulate him well so that we can make preparations together.

We had a disagreement over the preparation of the ceremony.

The most common reason for the fights that lead up to marriage is preparation for marriage.
Many women complain that their men don't cooperate with them, especially when it comes to wedding preparations! Many women complain that their men don't cooperate, especially when it comes to wedding preparations!

For women, weddings are a time of dreaming, “I want to do this and that! For women, weddings are a dream come true, but for men, it's a bit more relaxed.
Even a well-meaning man's statement, “You can do whatever you want,” can sound like, “I don't care.

Also, the difference in temperature can make you feel sad and irritated, which can lead to quarrels.
Don't blame him unilaterally, but make sure you have time to check how he feels about what he said.

Examples of breakups due to family situations or other romantic relationships

Because there was trouble between the parents.

It's not the end of the story, but it brings together two families that were previously in separate environments and makes them one family.
That's what marriage is all about.

It's not enough if the two people are happy with each other.
This is why it is not uncommon for parents to break up due to their inability to come to an agreement with each other.
Both parents love their children so much that they are tempted to express their opinions.

They may not agree with each other, they may have different ideas about the cost of the wedding (do they want to look good or do they prefer to be frugal?), or they may have different ideas about customs.
It seems that many people end up losing their passion for marriage due to these conflicts.

However, if you are left at the mercy of the two families' opposition, the story will not go anywhere, and what works will eventually break down as described above.
If you have a strong intention to get married, remember that you are the bridge between the two families.

If you just do what your parents tell you, your partner will get tired of you and leave you, and even if you do get married, it will be a source of problems later on.

The other examples of breakups that I have noted are things that could be avoided by discussion between the bride and groom, but sometimes there is nothing that can be done about conflicts between parents.

This may require both of you to make a bold decision to leave your respective parents, in other words, to elope.

Because of the revelation of the other's past.

It would be no hardship if we could dismiss the past as the past, but that's not how women feel.
At this time? In some cases, they found out about his past and broke up with him because they could not forgive him for it.

It is also common for people to find out about their ex-girlfriends by finding old photos of them, especially when they start living together.
In the meantime, if you find out that they are still connected through social networking sites, you will be bewildered again.

The past is the past no matter what.
You can't change it, and it's something you have.

If you're still curious, it's a good idea to stay away from anything that might be related to his past as much as possible.
“Don't bring anything to the new house that might make me sad.

I've found someone else I like.

As mentioned above, I'm getting increasingly frustrated with him as we prepare for marriage and so on.
Because of this, many people have found someone else they like.

He is interested in men who have something he doesn't have, or he likes people who are willing to give him advice.
Of course, changing one's mind is everyone's story, but it could also be an escape from reality.

Are you trying to distract yourself from your frustration with him with other people?
No matter how much we fought, we had already decided to get married once.
Please make an effort to face the man in front of you to the best of your ability first, instead of easily running away to another love.

Because I cheated on her.

This can happen to both men and women, but when a marriage is finalized, there are more and more celebrations, and one of the reasons for the breakup is that the couple drank too much alcohol and ended up having an affair.

What may be an “affair” for you may become an indelible scar for the other person.
Marriage is something that can only be built on trust.
You have made a crack in it, and it is no wonder that you feel that you cannot stay together.

In some cases, they apologize and say they will never cheat on you again, but the distrust will remain for a while.
Let's keep in mind that a single mistake can have irreversible consequences.


How was it?
“It may sound like an exaggeration to call it a breakup, but the reason is much simpler than that.
“Sometimes the cause is so trivial that there is no such thing as “I don't think I have it in me.
However, even if the cause is trivial, the solution can be very difficult.

In addition, there is a possibility that you will be asked to pay a cancellation fee for the ceremony or a compensation fee if it breaks up.
I didn't mention the financial aspect above, but it's obvious that whichever bride or groom bears these burdens will end up with a bad aftertaste.

This is an important time, and we need to go back to the beginning.
Try to remember how kind you were to your partner when you first started dating, and try to be considerate again.


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