The scientifically correct way to control appetite

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I think there are times when you can’t control your appetite or you eat something unintentionally.
Especially on holidays, you tend to eat too much.
Sunday is more likely to lose your appetite than Saturday.
People feel the most depressed from Sunday night to Monday morning. So, Sunday is easy to lose your appetite due to stress.
If you’re lazy on a Sunday night, you’ll not only get less sleep, you’ll eat more. As a result, the quality of sleep is reduced.

If you’re on a diet and want to stop eating snacks, your willpower is important.
People who eat a lot of chips, chocolate, and other snacks on a daily basis are usually very weak in terms of willpower. The University of Innsbruck has studied how these people can increase their willpower and suppress their appetite.
Of course, even if you’re not losing your willpower, the method found in the study should work.

Simple and reliable way to suppress appetite

According to a paper from the University of Innsbruck, there’s an easy and reliable way to control your appetite. The experiment looked at how likely it was that mentally exhausted subjects could overcome their appetite using the method. As a result, 97% of women and 67% of men succeeded in suppressing their appetite.

The effective way is to walk fast for 15 minutes.

It has been found that 15 minutes of brisk walking can significantly reduce appetite. If you make a habit of walking fast for 15 minutes, you can considerably reduce snacks.
The study recruited 47 obese men and women who were concerned about overeating.
In the experiment, participants were asked to stop eating sweets for three days. Participants usually eat a lot of sweets, so you can imagine that they have an unusually high appetite.
And the participants were divided into two groups.One group walked fast for 15 minutes and the other group sat idle.

The participants then took a slightly difficult psychological test to strain their brains, making it difficult to exercise self-control.
The experiment increases participants’ appetite, makes them less able to control themselves, and exposes them to the temptation of junk food.
As a result, the quick-walking group was significantly more likely to resist the temptation to eat junk food. Despite being unable to eat their favorite snacks for three days and exhausting their brains with more difficult tests, 97% of women and 67% of men who walked 15 minutes faster were able to reduce their appetite.

Exercise makes you feel better, which may help prevent stress-induced overeating.
It means that you can suppress your appetite just by doing moderate exercise. If you want to control your appetite, why don’t you take a 15 minute walk? I think squats are also good for you.

When you go on a diet, it’s important to make a habit of these appetite-suppressing techniques first. This will make it easier for you to stay on your diet than trying to strenuously exercise or restrict your diet from the start.
Let’s make it a habit to move your body when you feel an appetite.

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