A scientifically correct way to train core muscles

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In recent years, core muscles and trunk training have become popular. Here's how to train your core muscles more efficiently.

Here's a 2013 study that looked at which training worked best for core muscles.
SystematicReview of Core Muscle Activity During Physical Fitness Exercises

This study chose training that can efficiently stimulate the three core muscles: the lumbar multifidus, the transversus abdominis, and the quadratus lumborum.
These muscles are maniac, but they are essential for creating a stable trunk.

The study found that sit-up and crunch training was ineffective.
Also, recently popular training such as balance ball, yoga, and plunk proved ineffective.

Only 3 “Training to really train core muscles” were ultimately selected for this study.

  • dead lift
    Barbells are used in the video, but you can use dumbbells. Anyway, it's important to lift heavy things from the stooped position.
  • overhead press
    This exercise involves raising and lowering a dumbbell while standing. It is often thought to be training to strengthen the shoulders, but actually it works on the core muscles and abdominal muscles.
  • squat
    Squats are well known in general. This is actually quite effective for training core muscles.

That's why I found that core muscles can be trained without trunk training.
After all, squats are versatile as training. Squats are also effective for dieting because they can train large muscles.

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