If you take time to prepare meals, you will feel better

Health and Diet

I would like to introduce the research that “the more you spend time preparing meals, the more delicious the food is”.
Rituals Enhance Consumption-Article-Harvard Business School

In this study, the subjects were given chocolate and given the following instructions:

  1. Please split the chocolate in two without opening the package
  2. Remove half of the packaging and eat a little
  3. Please eat the remaining packaging

In this way, participants who have been given troublesome instructions will answer that “ chocolate is delicious '' and “ you can pay more money than the regular price for this chocolate '' than those who ate chocolate normally It seems.

According to researchers, the more complex it is to eat, the higher the level of delicious food.
Certainly, for example, eating ice cream on a tableware used in a high-end restaurant is more delicious than eating ice cream on a paper plate.

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