What is “AGE” that promotes aging?

Health and Diet

I love to eat meat.
However, recently there has been an increasing number of arguments that eating meat will promote aging.
The reason for this is “AGEs”.

AGE is a substance that has recently been treated as the root of all evil.
When AGE accumulates in the body, it is thought that bones and blood vessels become brittle, skin elasticity is lost, and visual acuity is reduced.
In other words, not increasing AGE will prevent aging.

The following three measures can be taken to prevent AGE from increasing.

  • Since it is difficult to remove AGE from the body, be careful not to accumulate AGE.
  • Don't raise your blood sugar
  • Reduce the intake of AGES in food

Among these, the most difficult measure is to reduce the AGE contained in the meal.
Basically, beef, pork and chicken contain a lot of AGE.
And processed meats like bacon and Frankfurt contain even more AGEs.

That's why it seems better not to eat processed meat as much as possible.
In addition, fish does not contain much AGE. So I usually eat vegetables and seafood, and sometimes eat red meat.

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