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This time we will introduce “Aging Signs”.
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A clear sign of aging creeping on you
Although wrinkles and gray hair are famous as signs of aging, there are many other signs.

Teeth become longer

It seems that the teeth became longer as a result of the lack of elasticity of the skin and the overall lack of gum volume.
The only way to avoid this is to brush and floss frequently.

The man is louder and the woman is louder

It seems that the shape of the throat cartilage changes and the pitch of the voice changes.
It seems good to speak loudly regularly to prevent this.

gain weight

This is often said.
However, what is emphasized here is that rather than fat accumulation, the muscle mass of the whole body is reduced and the metabolism is worsened. After all muscle training is important.

Increased sneezing

It seems that there are many middle-aged people who develop allergic rhinitis as their immune system weakens as they get older.

Mole increases

From the age of 40 years old, it seems that the part where the skin becomes hard begins to color.
In fact, it seems more like a wart than a mole.

Ears, nose and legs grow

Unlike bones and muscles, cartilage in the ears and nose seems to continue to grow until it dies.
While the muscles of the whole body are reduced, as a result of only cartilage growing, the ears and nose appear larger.
Certainly, I have the impression that old people have big ears and noses.

Headache occurs when getting up

After the 60s, headaches often occur when getting up.

Get sick

Hepatic metabolism gets worse and weakens to alcohol. I often hear this.

Become teary

It seems that the lacrimal glands are blocked by aging, and the tears cannot be drained well.

Allergy is caused by soap

Moisturizing function of skin is weakened and weakened by soap ingredients.
Apparently the only solution is to use hypoallergenic soap.

That's why when you get older, your teeth get longer, your voice gets louder, and your ears and nose get bigger.Please be careful.

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