Coffee has the effect of suppressing appetite

Health and Diet

There was a research result that coffee has an appetizing effect.
This time, I will introduce this research.
Does coffee affect appetite?

The experiment was divided into three groups: “people who drank coffee with caffeine”, “people who drank coffee without caffeine”, and “people who drank caffeine alone”. Only “people who drank caffeine coffee” Seems to have gained a reduced appetite and a sense of vitality.

This is clear from my experience.
When I was on calorie restriction, I intentionally drank coffee to reduce my appetite.
In the first place, caffeine is also contained in famous diet supplements.

However, it seems strange that “the person who drank only caffeine” did not have an appetizing effect in this experiment.
There seems to be an important factor other than caffeine about the loss of appetite.

By the way, I drink coffee every morning to suppress appetite and liver inflammation.
Why don't you try caffeinated coffee when you want to keep your appetite down?

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