Scientifically proven that you can be really lucky if you think you are lucky

Mental Strengthening

I was introduced to an interesting article about “being lucky if you believe in the effects of lucky items”.
The Power of Lucky Charms

The paper on which the article is based is an experiment conducted by the University of Cologne on golfers.
According to this study, players who were previously told that this ball is a lucky ball were 35% more likely to succeed in putting than those who were not.

I remembered a book called “The Luck Factor” by Professor Richard Wiseman.
This book is also a scientifically verified book about good luck.
Many interesting experiments have been introduced, such as “Those who believe that they are lucky are more likely to find coins that have fallen on the way.”
If you are interested in this research, this book is also recommended.

Now, based on the experimental results, it is said that luck is a presumption.

For example, I think I am lucky.
Then you can relax and feel the extra tension.
Humans perform better when they are moderately relaxed with no extra tension.
That's why a person who thinks he's lucky is actually getting lucky. Given that, luck is something you can control yourself.

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