Taking Creatine Increases Cognitive Performance(The University of Sydney, 2013)



Creatine is commonly known as a supplement used by athletes toincrease muscle mass.But that's not the only effect you canexpect.This time study showed that taking creatine has the followingbenefits.

  • Improvement of brain processing capacity
  • Improvement of brain memory capacity

Tips for practicing this technique

Creatine is said to be effective, inexpensive and safe.However,further research into the risks and benefits of creatine is still inthe works.Even in this study, the effects of short-term intake areknown, but the advantages and disadvantages of long-term intake arenot known.So, it might be a good idea to try it for a short period of time first.People who want to improve their brain's ability in a short period oftime, such as college students, may benefit from takingcreatine.

Also, beware of taking large doses or taking them on an empty stomachas they can cause gastrointestinal problems.The recommended dose is 3-5 grams daily, depending on body weight.However, it takes about a month for creatine to saturate in muscles,so if you want to strengthen muscle strength as well, it isrecommended to take 20 grams a day for the first week only.

Introduction of the research

Research InstituteThe University of Sydney
Publication MediumProceedings of the Royal Society
Year the study was published2013
Quote SourceRae et al., 2013

Research Method

Subjects were vegetarian and vegan.Creatine can be taken in from food,especially meat.Vegetarians and vegans don't usually eat meat and have a low amount ofcreatine in their bodies, so it's easier to observe the effects oftaking creatine.

The subjects took 5g creatine daily for 6 weeks and underwent acognitive test.This test was conducted with a time limit, so a fastprocessing speed was required under mental pressure.

Research Result

Creatine supplementation was found to be effective in improving brainpower.For example, the ability to memorize long numbers, such as phonenumbers, improved from an average of 7 digits to 8.5.This result is thought to be due to an increase in the amount ofenergy available to the brain, which in turn improved the brain'sperformance.This means that by taking creatine, you can increase the energyavailable to your brain.

My view on this research

I thought there were three components of cognitive ability, but therewas one more.

  • Processing capacity
  • Memory capacity
  • The ability to think about what to do with these two powers (so-calledcritical thinking)
  • Energy for full performance

It is said that processing ability is innate, and it is difficult toimprove it from an acquired point of view.So what is important is what you use your processing power for and howto maximize your processing power.Taking creatine is effective for the latter.Why not give it a try!

By the way, creatine is effective for exercises that require the useof muscles in an instantaneous and explosive manner.For example,weightlifting and sprinting.On the other hand, it has little effect onaerobic exercise.Be careful if you want to take creatine to improvemuscle strength.

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