People who were bad in their teens are more likely to succeed at startup

Entrepreneurship and side business

This time, we will introduce the research results that “people who were bad when they were teenagers are more likely to succeed in startups”.
Here is the original paper.
Smart and Illicit: Who Becomes an Entrepreneur and Does it Pay?

This is an amazing study of about 12,000 Americans surveyed for 30 years since they were teenagers.
As a result, we found that those who were successful startups had three times more experience in shoplifting, school refusal and drug trafficking when they were younger than those who were not.Certainly, people who can take risks are more suitable for entrepreneurs, so this result is acceptable.

Interestingly, successful entrepreneurs had the following characteristics in addition to being bad when they were young:

  • A wealthy family
  • Had a high level of education
  • Father and mother get along well

This means that people who were free-spirited in a privileged environment are more likely to succeed at startup.

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