Easy Selfie Techniques! 7 Recommended Digital Camera Photography Methods


Do you use a digital camera?
On every social networking site, there are many photos taken with digital cameras.
That's how hot digital cameras are among women right now!
Various camera manufacturers have also developed a number of digital cameras with designs and functions that are clearly targeted at women.

In this article, I'll show you some tips and tricks for taking selfies with those digital cameras!
Although taking selfies with a smartphone has become the mainstream, digital cameras are often the best choice for beautiful pictures and taking pictures in the dark.
Why not learn how to take digital camera selfies and take more beautiful pictures of yourself?

Take advantage of the picture quality! Seven of the best ways to take selfies with your digital camera!

Choose a screen that can be rotated 180 degrees.

Have you checked your recent digital camera carefully?
With the spread of social networking sites, the demand for selfies is also increasing for digital cameras.
Also, due to the influence of Instagram, more and more women want to have a digital camera easily, so products that are easy to take selfies with and easy to use even if you are not mechanically inclined are becoming very popular.

One of the most noticeable changes is the type of digital camera where the camera part can be rotated.
With old digital cameras, it was difficult to see how you looked in the preview when you took a selfie, and you often had to re-take the picture several times to get a beautiful frame in.

However, nowadays, digital cameras that allow you to take pictures while checking the preview screen in real time, like the in-camera of a smartphone, are becoming the mainstream digital cameras for women.
If you want to take good selfies with your digital camera, this “rotating” feature is now a must.

Select an action that allows you to set the self-timer.

The “shutter button” is one of the biggest problems in taking selfies with digital cameras.
With a smartphone, you can just touch the screen, but with a digital camera, you have to put some force on your fingers, which can cause camera shake and frame blur.
Also, it's quite tiring to hold it all the time and press the buttons.

The solution to that is a self-timer system!
The self-timer itself is a function that has been available in digital cameras for a long time, but recent digital cameras have evolved even further.
It only reacts to certain actions of the photographer, and you can start it without moving your finger while keeping your best angle and light.

Certain actions are common, for example, “winking” or “waving”.
Just do those actions on the preview screen and the unit will detect it and start the self-timer at that moment.
A wink or a wave of the hand is hardly physically taxing, so this is very convenient!
Of course, the possibility of camera shake is now very low.

Let's use the selfie stick!

Cell-camera sticks are still very popular!
It is very convenient to have a selfie stick for taking selfies in your room as well as on trips and leisure activities.
One of the great things about the selfie stick is, of course, that it makes it easy to project a large group of people or take a picture with a background, but it also means that you don't have to take a picture of your arm for a selfie.

Especially with the increasing number of people uploading selfies to social networking sites, the “arm holding the camera” that enters the picture when you take a selfie is not beautiful.
It's a bit of a “Icahnimo selfie.”
But if you use a selfie stick, you can take pictures with a natural sense of perspective without shifting your arm.

The peak of the boom has subsided, but there's absolutely no harm in having one!
The double use of the self-timer and the above Action Self-Timer is the key to success.
It is a must-have item when you want to project your whole body below the bust.
It is especially good for women who want to show off their fashion coordination.

And there are plenty of features for selfies!

And, as you can see from my hand, digital cameras these days have so many different camera modes and functions!
Even if you're an amateur, you can take beautiful selfies that look as good as a professional's, or you can get a retouched look.
This is also a trend of the times because of the greatly increasing demand for selfies, as mentioned at the beginning of this article.

There are also a number of filters that are developed with the same attention to detail as Purikura and smartphone apps, so make sure you check out what modes are available!

Self-timer & night scene mode for beautiful images

Of the many modes available, I would especially recommend the double use of the self-timer and night scene modes.
The night scene mode is a mode that allows you to highlight illuminations and lights even in the darkest conditions while not darkening the people.
This is a popular feature that has been incorporated in digital cameras for a long time, even if it is not a recent one.

I want to take a selfie with the night view! If you want to take a selfie with a night view, this is definitely the way to go.
When setting the self-timer, set it a little farther away from the camera.
Then, I took a picture of myself and my friends within the area of the camera's flash, with the night scene behind us.
By doing this, I can capture both the night scene and people beautifully.

Take a slender picture in Slim mode.

Some digital cameras have a feature called slim mode.
This is especially true for products that are developed for women.
The slim mode is filtered to make your legs look slimmer and your whole body look slimmer, like a model, or to contour your face to make it look more sleek.

You can think of it as a natural correction, like the one used in Purikura.
You can also use the self-timer to take a picture that includes your whole body.
It's also perfect for women who want to show off their fashion coordination here.
By setting the camera a little higher than your eye level, you'll get a more slender image!

Beauty mode for whitening effect

Beauty mode, or whitening mode, is also a feature that is often included by default in most digital cameras these days.
It is not a bold filter like the Slim mode's contour and silhouette correction, but you can enjoy taking selfies with a youthful and beautiful look by simply enhancing the skin tone.

Also, when using beauty mode, you should use light from the front or back.
If you take a selfie with light coming in from the side, the light will reflect off the subtle unevenness of your cheeks, which will inevitably make your pectoral lines more visible.
I'm also worried about the shadows on my nose.
It should be used effectively with the light shining equally on the entire face.

Points to note when taking selfies with digital cameras

It's safer not to be the photographer when shooting a large group.

Although digital camera's selfie performance surpasses that of smartphones in every function, it is recommended that you do not become the photographer when taking pictures of a large group.
The wide angle and face recognition are even better than in a smartphone, so it is very difficult for a photographer to take a step back and make his face look small.
Try to be in the middle of everyone or in the opposite direction from the photographer.

It's heavy, it's expensive, and it takes forever to boot up!

After all, the disadvantages of digital cameras are “heavy,” “expensive,” and “time-consuming!
Of course, once you get used to it, you won't mind the long startup time, but compared to smartphones, which are easy to use, it will bother you at first.
In fact, many people can't dye with it and end up shaving three days off their lives.

There are many inconveniences with old-fashioned digital cameras. ……

And because of its high quality, it is not easy to replace it with the next generation one, which is also inconvenient.
Old-fashioned digital cameras had stuck preview screens, weak image stabilization, heavy weights themselves, and were not pretty to look at.
However, it would be too risky to replace it completely.

How can I take my digital camera selfies to the next level?

Dynamic retouching with blurred depth

When you take a selfie with your phone, if you try to get close enough to take the picture, you will get a subtle distortion, like a fisheye lens.
However, the advantage of a digital camera is that it can take close-up pictures without distortion.
To take advantage of this, you can blur the background and make yourself, the subject, clear.
Retouch and blur for dynamic depth.

Beautiful backlit photos you can't do with a smartphone

When you take a picture in a backlit scene, your smartphone can't fully compensate for the brightness, and the subject will be completely dark and blurred.
However, digital cameras recognize and correct the brightness of the subject and the background, so there is no crushing.
Taking advantage of this, you can express stylish shadows by backlighting with a bright light such as an electric light or flashlight in the background.

A photo with a night view in the background

Another advantage of digital cameras is that you can take selfies that take advantage of the beauty of the night scene as it is.
With a smartphone, the flash is too focused on your face and the night scene in the background is blurred, but with a digital camera's night scene mode, you don't have to worry about that.
By shining the light on your face with your phone from the beginning and using the self-timer to turn on the flash, you can take dewy white nighttime selfies.


What did you think?
We focused on tips, pointers, and techniques for taking selfies using digital cameras.
Now selfies are an important factor as a communication tool!
How many attractive selfies can you take that will change the way men look at you?
And you might even get a glance from the same sex!

Because selfies are usually taken with a smartphone, digital camera photos with a large number of pixels and beautiful color saturation will attract more attention.
The advantage of digital camera selfies is that they don't show up when enlarged on a smartphone screen.
No matter who you are, you'll look “perfectly cute!” And you'll learn techniques that will make people say, “Oh my God!


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