Five ways to make progress in a relationship between friends and lovers! And tips on choosing the right place to go on a date and how to talk to each other!

Love and Marriage

More than a friend and less than a lover is an ambiguous relationship, isn't it?
It might even make you itch.
Many of you may want to develop your relationship from there.

Here are some tips on dating and conversation for those who want to make progress in their relationship from friends to lovers.

More than friends, less than lovers!

What is more than a friend and less than a lover?

“I think the main difference between a friendship and a relationship is whether or not the two of you see each other.
I think it's important for two people to meet in order to become more than just friends.
There are times when the two of you meet, but it doesn't progress to a romantic relationship.

The closer the two of you are in that state, the more you're more than friends.
However, there are many cases in these relationships where the next meeting is not made as a matter of course, so it cannot be called a “lover relationship” where the couple promises to meet on a regular basis.

We've matured to the point where others might ask, “Are you guys dating?” The relationship has matured to the point where others might think, “Are you dating?
However, in reality, the relationship is probably still more than just friends and less than lovers in many cases.
If you can talk to them about your problems, you may be able to say that you are more than friends.

If your relationship is like that of two lovers on a date, there is a good chance that they like you too.

The art of dating more than a friend or a lover!

1. Dating should not be too frequent.

The key word is “moderation.
It's not for you, but preferably for them in moderation.
A date once a week or once every two weeks is probably preferable.
It may seem a little insufficient, but it's not a burden, and I don't forget.

If you're a working person, it can be a burden to both you and your partner if you have to meet too often, considering your work schedule, your schedule with other friends, and your hobbies.
If you pick up the pace too much before you start dating, you might run out of breath.

You can keep a good distance by dating without pushing yourself too hard, and you may be able to nurture your feelings of love while not seeing each other.

But don't date too infrequently, either.
It makes you wonder if they really like you.
Because if you really like her, you would want to date her more, you would want to see her more, and so on.
If you overthink things and go off on your own, you may end up destroying the relationship you have.

2. Fashion to gain favor before dating.

Of course, it is important to know each other's values on dates.
But more than that, isn't it the way you dress that leaves the biggest impression on the other person?
What you wear on a daily basis is important, but I think one of the best ways to approach a date is to see what you wore for them.

No matter how nicely designed your outfit is, if it is too small, it will be too snug and you will feel the size of every part of your body.
On the other hand, larger clothing tends to give the impression of sloppiness.

The size indicated on the clothes in the stores varies depending on the brand and other factors, so it is always a good idea to try on the clothes and see for yourself before you buy.
It's also important to have a sense of season in your clothes.
Just because you're cute doesn't mean you should dress coldly in winter, which will make them feel uncomfortable.
Dressing hot in the summer also makes me feel self-conscious.
Be sure to dress appropriately for the season.

Of course, it goes without saying that cleanliness is important.
Even if a person is neat and clean, there is a difference in impression between wearing neat and sloppy clothes.
Consider the cleanliness of your appearance as well.
You don't want to make the other person feel uncomfortable if they can't see the good side of you.

3. Dating environment

No matter how wonderful you are, if you don't have the right environment to show it off, your attractiveness will be reduced by half.
This is why it is important to have a dating environment that makes the other person feel comfortable.

Dating before going out is a time for the two of you to share and enjoy time together.
A date that consists only of food may seem tasteless.
Whether it's mainly dinner or a little bit of a standard date to the movies or the aquarium, I think it's easier to get to know each other afterwards if you share something fun in the same space.

I'm sure the conversation will naturally flow.
Even if the meal is the main attraction, you may want to include some other outing in your plans.

4. When you go on a date

Even if it's a date that you have planned something for, it might be a little risky to plan a date that takes the whole day.
Because you may not be in a relationship yet and your fondness for each other may not have grown that much.

A couple of short dates will keep you both fresh and happy.
If you spend a lot of time together, you will start to see things about the other person and there is a big chance that the relationship will not progress beyond friendship.

When you go on a date, you might want to choose a place where you can have a conversation.
Conversation is important to get to know the person on the inside.
In order to enjoy that conversation, it is important to choose an environment where it is easy to talk.
It may not be suitable for noisy or public places.

It's not a bad idea, but if it's a private room or a quiet, moody place, you'll be able to face each other and enjoy the conversation.
If it's nighttime, a slightly darker light may make you feel less shy and make it easier to talk.
You want to choose a safe and comfortable place where you can easily concentrate on your conversation.

5. Make the invitation beneficial to the other person.

What kind of date would they want to go on?
It might be a good idea if there are other benefits to the other person besides the date.

If you suggest a date that fits the season, you can easily get an OK response from your partner.
Is it because you can't read whether it's a sign of goodwill or you simply want to participate in the event?
It seems that it is strangely easier to get a good response when you can easily make the excuse that you just wanted to participate.

Cherry blossom viewing in spring, beer gardens and fireworks in summer.
If it's something that can only be done in that season, such as hunting for autumn leaves in the fall or illuminations in the winter, the person you're inviting might think, “Sounds fun! If it's something that can only be done in that season and sounds fun, the person you're inviting may think, “Sounds fun!

What kind of conversation should we have?

I'll talk to you slowly.

Women like to talk.
Therefore, we tend to talk too fast.
When a woman is rambling on, men are basically kind and will listen to what she has to say.
However, in reality, the content is sometimes barely conveyed.

Since the story doesn't leave a lasting impression on you, there is a possibility that you may not leave a lasting impression either.
That's very sad, isn't it?
If you speak slowly and calmly, it will create an opening and leave the impression that you are cute.

If you speak slowly, they will be more likely to listen to you and ask questions.
Try to have a catch-all conversation.

Conscious Praise

You have to be conscious to praise others.
Look for points of praise while talking with your partner.
Try to think a little bit about what to praise as you talk to them.

I think it can be a small thing.
Try to include compliments in your conversations, such as “That's great.
Men are very happy when they are complimented on even the smallest things.
If you become a good complimenter, you may be able to communicate better with your friend or lover.

“It's always a good idea to be on the lookout for things to praise.

Make sure you're talking to him!

In fact, it is very important to be able to give a good answer.
If the other person is doing their best to talk, but you're not, they'll feel bored with you.
If you make a firm gesture, you will be happy to know that she is listening to you.

This will make him feel that you understand him and will make a great impression on him.
It might even lead to a conversation the next time you meet.

Let's ask some questions.

It's important to make him understand who you are, but before that, try to be interested in him.
It might be a good idea to have a conversation with him to get to know him a lot and be interested in him.

If you listen intently and ask deep questions, you will naturally get a serious gaze and he may be thrilled to be talking to you.
The important thing is to show him that you're interested.

Men seem to develop a liking for women who do their best to listen to them.
By listening to her enjoy herself, you may be able to give him confidence that you can entertain her. This may give him confidence that he can entertain her.

Don't look too far into their eyes.

I think most of us have been educated to look the other person in the eye when talking to them…

However, if you look too much into the eyes of the person you are talking to, you may feel more nervous and may not be able to win his heart.
It's probably because men are not very good at making eye contact with women they like.
You must be embarrassed.

If you look him in the eye or avert your gaze slightly, he will be less nervous to talk to you.


Even if the relationship is more than friends but less than lovers, I think the most important thing is the basic human relationship.
I feel that politeness and consideration for the other person will lead the relationship in the right direction.

After all, it is important to be sincere to the other person.
Isn't it necessary to play games with him because he is more than a friend and less than a lover? But I think it's good to remember the basics of human relationships and build a relationship.

By doing so, you will probably be able to graduate from being more than friends and less than lovers in the near future.
Try to be sincere and considerate, and use a few techniques to deal with your partner.
I'm sure the conversation will go in the right direction.


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