How to control impulses in 1 second


In the past, we introduced that processed meat and cheese are not good for you.

However, sometimes I want to eat processed meat and cheese.
Today I'll show you how I can easily control my appetite.
This measure is easy, but recommended because it is highly effective.

The method is to make eating a task.
For example, when you want to eat processed meat, register eating processed meat as a task.
You can use any tool, such as a task app or notebook, to register tasks.

The reason why this measure is effective is that when humans are obliged to take action, they do not want to take that action.
Reason is also activated by forcing the urge to eat as a task.
By doing so, it becomes easier to suppress the work of the brain stem.
This method is easy and effective, so it is recommended to use it to improve bad habits.

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