How to use your voice to attract men and its characteristics

Love and Marriage

There are many reasons for falling in love.
Looks, kindness, and whether or not you are comfortable talking to them.
There are many reasons why men fall in love with women, but often it is the voice.
A man's popular voice can be husky or moody.
So what kind of voice does it mean to be popular among women?

In this article, I will explain the popular voice of women and introduce how to get it and how to use it effectively.
Do you want to have a high, girlish, cute voice? Or do you want to have a sexy, mature voice?
Get the irresistible voice you want and make the person you love fall in love with you from the ear up!

Let's learn about the mechanism of voice production.

How does the voice come out in the first place?

The voices we use on a daily basis.
It is so commonplace that few people have ever thought to learn more about how it works.
“Even if you have a vague idea of what comes out of the vocal cords, what are the vocal cords made of?

The breath from the lungs passes through the trachea and out through the mouth and nose.
In its path are the vocal cords, which are two longitudinal folds.
When you are not speaking, the folds are separated and relaxed, but when they collide with each other, the voice is produced.

The vocal cords are not a muscle and cannot be trained.
However, the neck muscles around the vocal cords can be strengthened.
So, if you continue to produce an attractive voice consciously, you will gradually build up the muscles to do so, and you will gradually be able to produce it without straining as much as at first.

There are three types of elements that make up the voice

The voice is made up of three different elements.
These are “height,” “loudness,” and “tone of voice.
No matter if you have a beautiful voice, a husky voice, or a good singing voice, you can use these three elements to communicate with others by putting words on it.

The “size” is affected by the way you breathe.
It is controlled by the amount and speed of breath sent from the lungs, but lung capacity itself is not a major issue.
Relaxing your throat as much as possible will increase the pressure of your breath and control your vocal cords without effort.

The air sent from the lungs affects the “height” of the voice by vibrating the vocal cords.
This vibration itself is the source of the voice and greatly affects the tone of voice, which is important for a popular voice.
“Voice color is formed by the resonance of the source of the voice in and around the nasal and mouth cavities, called resonance cavities, which amplify and increase the resonance of the voice.

Be careful not to get caught up in the popularity of your voice and break your throat.

The vibration of the vocal cords is gentle when the voice is relaxed, such as humming, but it becomes more intense when the voice is shouted loudly or when the voice is forced to produce high-pitched sounds during karaoke.
This causes the vocal cords to accumulate damage and become swollen, which can be the source of vocal fold nodules and polyps.

There are many people who yearn for a cute, high-pitched voice like the Lolita voice when they hear the term “popular voice,” but if a person with a low natural voice is forced to produce a high-pitched voice, it may put too much strain on the vocal cords and hurt the throat.
There are two types of popular voices, so choose the one that is most comfortable for you.

Adorable Lolita-style high-pitched voice

A girlish voice that every girl dreams of.

Do you have one around you?
She has a lovely high-pitched irresistible voice that makes you wonder how she can make that sound.

They are born with a wide range of high notes, but even those who don't have this voice can get it with some effort.

Start with as small a voice as possible and practice making a high, pretty voice.
If your throat is tight at this point, it can cause pain, so relax your throat and hold the image of opening it.
The trick is to keep the muscles around your throat very relaxed when you are doing an acbi.

If you try to sneeze lightly, you can feel the back of your throat expand as if a tube of air has passed through it.
Try to keep it that way and speak at a higher pitch.
Some people may have a backward voice, but that is a sign that they are able to open their throat well.
The correct way to produce a back voice (falsetto voice) is to open the back of the throat and relax it like this.

If you're not used to it, you may exhale too much and get tired quickly, but that's when you should practice in a low voice.
You don't need to use a lot of breath to make a small voice, so first get your body used to the idea of making a cute voice, and then gradually increase the volume of your voice to make your progress smoother.

Be careful not to be “pretentious.”

The most important thing to keep in mind about this popular voice is that it has to be careful.
It means that, depending on how you listen to it, you may sound like a “pretentious” person.
One of the reasons why people tend to think that way is that they have a nasal speaking voice.
Try to keep it out of your nose from the practice stage.

A specific way to practice is to use your fingers to pinch your nose at the same time as you practice opening the back of your throat to speak.
If you have a nasal voice, or if the vibration is transmitted to your fingers when you pick your nose (the air vibrates the bones of your nose), you have a nasal voice.

If you deliberately try to speak in a pretentious manner, you will see that the vibration comes from the finger that plucks the nose in most cases.

By practicing these at the same time, you will be able to get closer to a high-pitched, cute, and popular voice while avoiding the traits that can easily make you sound pretentious.

Honest words are more effective.

The greatest use of this popular voice is that the simpler the words, the more effective it will be.
Of course, don't forget to smile.
Let's just say what we think without going around with a nice smile, which is the best makeup a woman can have.

“That's cool.” “I admire you.” “You're so kind.
Men like to dress up in front of women, even if it makes them look good.
No one likes to hear a word that affirms this, especially if it is said in a cute, girlish, popular voice.

If you've got this popular voice, why not take the plunge and try clothes and hairstyles you wouldn't normally wear?
It is important to switch the mode of your mind for everything.
Be careful not to overdo it, but wear pink or a little frill to transform yourself “from voice and appearance” into something just a little bit different than usual.

Changing your voice and appearance to be more girly will naturally soften your attitude and expression.
With a different fluffy vibe, you want to grab the attention of the man you're interested in!
When your eyes meet, smile and ask gently, “What's wrong? Ask gently, “What's wrong?
With a little courage, love is just around the corner.

Sexy voice with adult appeal

Use your sexy and glamorous charm as a weapon.

What kind of voice do you think of when you hear the phrase “sexy voice?”
Sexy, moody, husky… There are many images, but all of them are right for the person.
What they all have in common is that they all display a mature feminine glamour.

The key to practicing to bring out this element is to develop your “edge voice”.
An edge voice is simply a light dead voice that catches in your throat.

To practice, first open your mouth wide in an “A” shape.
Continue to exhale slowly and gradually make the “A” sound.
This will naturally produce a gentle “Ahhh…” that vibrates the vocal cords.
This is the basic way to create an edge voice, which is the secret to a sexy, irresistible voice.

Practice this and use the edge voice at the beginning of sentences and words when you speak.
It creates a sexy and unique inflection that makes your voice sexy and irresistible.
It is also important to exhale a little more at the end of your speech to make it more sexy.

Drink and smoke in moderation.

There are many jazz singers and others who use their edge voice or their natural husky voice.
To the untrained ear, it may sound like they are singing in a throaty voice, but these women use a singing method that does not strain the throat, starting with abdominal breathing, and then produce that voice.

So no matter how much you want to have a husky voice or an edge voice that embodies adult appeal, it doesn't mean that alcohol and cigarettes, which are hard on the throat, are OK.
Alcohol depletes the moisture around the vocal cords, and speaking in this state causes the dry vocal cords to collide with each other, making them vulnerable to pain.

Cigarettes are toxic substances that directly damage the vocal cords and are the source of an unattractive voice that just dies out.
There are some people who are attractive with a dead voice, but if it has been cultivated by smoking and drinking, it is not a healthy and right way to get it.

It's not that you shouldn't take it at all, of course, but it's not necessary if you want to have a sexy and popular voice.
Use the right voice and facial expressions to create an effective and popular voice.

Let's aim for a sexy effect and a gap.

If you are going to make full use of your edge voice, your clothes and makeup should also create an appropriate mature female atmosphere.
Cross your legs neatly together, and be aware of your back muscles.
When you smile, try not to open your mouth too wide, but smile with just the corners of your mouth up.

She has an aura of mystery about her, and her sexy, irresistible voice is sure to capture the hidden desire of men to be pampered.
Sometimes she smiles innocently like a little girl or shows signs of embarrassment, and the gap between the two is very aggressive.

She knows a lot about trendy stores and seems to be very open-minded, but in fact she is shy and likes cute and sweet things.
The appeal of this popular voice is that it can effectively produce such a gap, if you will.


What did you think?
We have introduced two types of popular voices: the cute Lolita voice and the sexy voice with adult sex appeal.
It is good to practice consciously with the one you admire, but it is also good to focus on the one that is close to your original voice quality or the one that is easy to get the hang of.

The voice, like the face, is something unique to you, something that has been with you since you were born from your parents.
“Respecting your own unique voice, you will be able to achieve your ideal voice.


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