7 Recommended Post-Sex Affectionate Expressions

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Have you ever heard of pillow talk?
Pillow talk is the conversation you have when you share a bed.
What conversations do you have, mainly after sex?

There are some pillow talks that can make your relationship deeper if you are careful to talk about them, which can also make your bed time more fulfilling.
I'm going to teach you 7 pillow talk tips that will help you if you don't know what to talk about or if you don't always talk much.

What is a man's perception of pillow talk?

What is pillow talk for men?

For men, pillow talk can be a good thing or a bad thing.
If communication goes too far, it can become tiring and a bit tiresome.

However, there is pillow talk that makes men happy.
The reason why he will pillow talk or go out with you is because he wants to deepen our relationship, not just have sex.

It may also give you a chance to find out if you are the real deal or not.

It's different before and after sex.

There are two ways to have a conversation at bedtime: before and after.
Before sex, even if you do talk, it tends to be foreplay conversation to build up tension and the mood for what's to come, so you should be able to choose more topics to talk about after sex.

Pillow talk after sex can be tiring and languid, so a relaxed, laid-back tone and atmosphere is recommended for conversation.
A different image from the usual one can also be a point that makes the other person nervous.

A chance to get to know her better.

Pillow talk in a relaxed bedtime setting can be as simple as you want it to be.
From a man's point of view, this is a precious time when you can touch each other's body and soul, and it is also a chance to learn about a different side of him, such as topics that are a little different from the usual.

If she is your true love, you will be interested in the information you learn in pillow talk.
Let's look at some examples of pillow talk to see what kind of talk will make him feel cared for and happy.

Have a melt-in-your-mouth moment with him. Here are seven example talks that would be perfect for pillow talk!

Communicate your thoughts with praise.

Since it's frankly right after sex, words that straightforwardly convey your current feelings will resonate.
“Tell them about the “good parts of sex.
It's OK to talk a little sexy and shy.
Rather than being too open about it, try to put into words how good the sex was now.

Standard but affectionate words

Words of love such as “I love you” and “I love you” are also standard.
Pillow talk is different from everyday life, so it's easy to say sweet words that are different from usual.
This is a good time to say words that you thought were bold and embarrassing.

And who doesn't love it when their lover expresses their affection in words?

You may see him embarrassed or happy if you tell your partner directly the words of love that are different from usual.

What would you like to do next?

This is also a good time to talk about sex.
If it's your first time, it may be difficult, but if you've already had sex a few times, you can actively talk about what you'd like to try next.
Gradually you will come to understand each other's sexual habits, so if you want to enjoy sex more deeply, give it a try.
However, suggest less minor techniques and plays as you see fit.

Sexuality or play that is in the minority may cause the other person to withdraw.
By asking not only what you want, but also what your partner wants, both of you can guide each other toward a more enjoyable bedtime experience in the future.

About my personal life

Because sex is also about inner connection, it's a good idea to gradually tell people about your personal life that you haven't talked about much before.
Men want to know about the woman in their lives, too.
You can also experience the sensation of becoming more intimate.


“It's also a good idea to express your gratitude for their company by saying, “I'm glad you're with me.
Appreciation and respect are essential for both parties if they want to have a long-lasting relationship.
If you are not able to say it right up front, use the timing of pillow talk to express your feelings.

No matter how you feel, it is often difficult to convey your feelings without putting them into words.
Men, in particular, often need to put things into words to get their message across more than women.
Women want the words, but men often don't really get the message, rather than wanting it.

A slightly more in-depth topic that inspires trust.

The pillow talk that you want to have to deepen the relationship is a little confession or something that you say because you trust the other person.
Things that you don't talk to everyone about, such as your family or past relationships, or even more core topics in your personal life that you don't usually let them know about, will also show them that you trust them.

It can also be a statement of trust from the other person that you have spoken to them.
However, choose the content carefully.

Appreciation for pleasantness and kindness

If you feel that she cared about your pain during sex or did her best to make you feel good, let her know how much you appreciate it.
When a man receives a thank-you note such as, “That felt good,” or “Thank you for being so kind,” he will work harder.
Praise rather than no praise will make a man more aggressive and can be a springboard for the next time you have sex.

You don't have to lie and go around raising praise for how good it felt when it didn't.
If you think it was a little too subtle, find something good about her and praise her, and then make a cute request for her to do ____ next time.

Points to keep in mind when doing pillow talk

Don't ask for much reaction after sex.

I feel like I'm not getting a very good response even though I'm trying my best to do pillow talk.
If you feel that way, don't think too much about it.
While sex is pleasurable for men, the physical exertion leading up to ejaculation can be compared to running an all-out 100 meters.

Also, after ejaculation, you are exhausted and go into a time called sage mode where you want to be in a daze.

If you don't get much of a response, don't worry that maybe I'm not the one for you.
In many cases, we are just tired or just want to sleep.
Keep in mind that pillow talk is only as far as you can go even if you are tired.

Not much everyday conversation is good for pillow talk.

Since you've just enjoyed sex, it's better to talk about something a little different than usual, rather than making pillow talk too routine.

For example, would you want to listen to a sudden, intimate conversation at a sexy time?
You don't have to bother to talk about housework, work, or school at that time if it's something you don't usually talk about, but if it's something you talk about on a daily basis.

Pillow talk is also a kind of comfortable post-coital play that leaves you slumbering and languid.
If you're suddenly pulled back to reality, your enthusiasm for the time you spent having fun can rapidly wane.

I also don't recommend anything that involves negative emotions like daily fatigue or complaining, even if you don't usually talk about it.
From a woman's point of view, it's a sign of sweetness that she wants you to rely on her and sympathize with her, but from a man's point of view, it's a story that makes you think to yourself, “Do I have to go along with this here? It's a story that will make you wonder inwardly, “Do I have to go along with this here?

Since this is a fun time to express affection, it is best not to show too much of the negative side.

Avoid important appointments.

Lip service is often a problem in pillow talk.
Sometimes our love and appreciation for others can be overblown.
It's not all bad, of course, because we want to make the other person more happy.
However, even in the adult world, it is sometimes said that pillow talk should be taken only half seriously and half jokingly.

One issue that is particularly likely to become an issue later on is the specifics of the future relationship.
Even if he says he will go out with you if you make love, you should take it as a 50-50 proposition.

Even if you are currently dating, it is safer not to make promises that will affect your future, such as marriage, in pillow talk.
Even if you tell them that you really want to get married or have a serious relationship in the future, there is a possibility that they will not take you seriously in pillow talk.

If both parties are aware that they are half serious and half joking, there is no problem, but if both parties have a different balance of trust, it can lead to problems later on.As well as this, don't talk about anything serious, especially if it involves a proper commitment.

However, if you are usually unable to convey your message, it is okay if you dare to speak lightly enough to be understood as a joke.
Even then, don't just tell them in pillow talk and be done with it, but think of another opportunity to tell them properly and seriously.

For example, if someone says something important to you in bed, like proposing to you, you might think it's just a joke or lip service. You might think it's just lip service.
However, if you feel uneasy about telling her on a regular date, you can jokingly bring up the topic in pillow talk and see how she reacts to it.


Pillow talk is a great way to confirm your love, understand each other's feelings and thoughts, and deepen your relationship, but wouldn't it be a shame if you didn't enjoy it?

Because it is a different time from everyday life, the words you say can sometimes convey your love more intensely than sex.

Pillow talk is a good time to slow down and have a moody time instead of ending sex easily. If you are careful about the topic, the rest of the time is basically a good time to express your feelings.
Make more love and enjoy a happy sex life.


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