5 Secret Courtship Signs a Secretive Man is Sending You

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What if the man you like is more “backward” than you expected?
If a man's approach is more ambiguous than what you've imagined it should be, you're in trouble, aren't you?

You don't know what they think of you, and it's very troubling.
To make sure you don't miss any of the signs, I'll show you how to approach them in a way that is difficult for them to understand.

Common behaviors of men with unrequited love

If you can immediately determine whether or not the guy you are interested in has a pulse on you, it will be a big relief for you to progress in the relationship.
First of all, here are some behaviors that men who have a crush on someone tend to do in front of the person they love.

Stare at the person.

Males have a stronger hunting instinct than females, and have the habit of keeping an eye on their prey as much as possible.
In today's world, where we no longer hunt for a living, the prey is the woman of our dreams.

When men see a woman they like in front of them, they subconsciously try to catch her in their sights.

In other words, if you find yourself making eye contact with a guy you're interested in often or more often, it means he's staring at you more often.
If your eyes meet his every time you look at him, then there is a good chance that he has feelings for you.

lose one's composure

It's the same for women as well as men, but few people can remain calm when the person they love is nearby.
It is not uncommon for men to lose their composure to the point where it is easy to understand, especially if they are reserved and immune to women.

Your gaze swims, your body language is exaggerated, you can't look the other woman in the eye, and you stare at her at mysterious times.
When I see a woman I like in front of me, I get nervous and behave in such a suspicious way.

I like you, but I avoid you.

It is common for herbivorous men who are shy about love to avoid their partner because they like him.

Men who have little experience in love and are not accustomed to women can treat the opposite sex, whom they do not think anything of, in a very normal way.
On the other hand, if you are with someone of the opposite sex that you like, you may become more conscious than necessary and unnaturally avoid them.

If you feel like the guy you are interested in is avoiding you, you might be worried that he might not like you.
However, keep in mind that if you are a reserved man, your avoidant attitude may actually be a return of favor.

More bragging.

From a woman's point of view, there are few topics that are more depressing to listen to than a man's bragging.
However, the reason why men brag is because they want to show their female counterparts that they are the superior male.

Just as some males in animals appeal to females by making themselves look bigger than they are, human males try to attract women's attention by showing off their superior side.

If you feel that he is humble to others but brags a lot only in front of you, he may be full of desire to appeal to you.

Appeal to your masculinity.

They say that women become beautiful when they fall in love, but when men fall in love, their instincts as males are awakened and they start to show off their masculinity.

They try to show that they have more strength in their arms than women, or that they can do a better job, and so on, exaggerating more than they actually do, just like bragging.

If a humble herbivorous man suddenly shows his masculinity, a woman may not know how to react.
In such cases, think about whether they like you, and look at them with kind eyes.

Try to know the other person's private life.

Many women are interested in gossiping about strangers, but most men are not interested in other people's private topics.
However, if it's a woman you like, it's a different story.

If he tries to ask you about your family structure, friendships, hobbies, favorite foods, and other information that is not particularly necessary for friendship, there is a great chance that he has a pulse.
This behavior shows that you want to know everything about the person you like.

Compliment the other person's inner life and skills.

Many women don't feel bad when someone compliments their appearance, but you have to be careful about men who casually compliment you on your “cute” or “pretty” appearance without even dating you.
If a man only compliments a woman's appearance, it is often because he is looking for her body.

If the person is a real woman, most men will compliment her on her personality and other internal aspects, as well as the knowledge and skills she possesses.
For men, that kind of praise shows that you are sincere with them.

Close distance when talking to the other person.

A man's love life cannot be described without an ulterior motive.
Because a man likes a woman, he wants to feel her presence with all his senses.
Therefore, when you talk with a woman you like, you naturally become closer to her.

Men have more personal space than women by nature and are more sensitive to distance from others.
If you don't like someone, you won't let them near you, and if you're dealing with a woman you're not interested in, you'll try to keep your distance to avoid being misunderstood.

However, if there is a woman you like in front of you, you can't help but approach her.
The person may be unconsciously approaching you, and you may suddenly come to your senses and panic and move away.

A lot of body touching.

Even men who do not readily express their fondness in words or attitude may show it in their actions.
That's what body touching is all about.
Men who are accustomed to the presence of women or who have a reasonable amount of experience in relationships may express their fondness through natural body touch.

Body touching, which is what decent men do to show their affection, is not sexualized in a way that makes women feel uncomfortable.
If you show your ulterior motives and the woman you like doesn't like you, you'll end up with nothing.

If you become more intimate, you will have more types of body touches, but if you are still friends or less than lovers, you will have more casual body touches.

Talk about your family and friends.

If the man himself talks about his family and friends without the woman specifically asking about them, then he is very serious about the other woman.

When a man reveals something about his private life, it means that he is opening up to that person.
It shows that you want people to get to know you better, not only about yourself, but also about your background.

In particular, whether or not they can introduce you to their friends is the most important factor in gauging how serious they are about you.
If he tells you that he wants to introduce you to his male friends, you can be sure that he is interested in you.

Chat sent by a man with a pulse

Chat is an indispensable tool for modern people to communicate with each other.
When a man sends a chat to a woman he likes, a common characteristic appears in the content.
Chatting with a guy you're interested in is an important way to gauge his pulse rate.

Too many pictograms and emoticons

Women feel free to send each other colorful chats with lots of pictograms and emoticons, even among friends.
However, men are usually very casual about chat texts.
However, when it comes to a woman you like, a man is bound to think about even the choice of emoji.

If it's just a friend or someone I'm not interested in, I don't need to spend much effort on emoticons or emoticons.
However, I don't want the women I like to think of me as a cold man, so I try very hard to think of sentences with lots of pictograms and emoticons to send.

It's a lot of fun, even if it's not particularly meaningful banter.

If you can keep chatting with her about such trivial topics as “Today's lunch was delicious” or “I saw a cute cat on the street,” you can be sure that she has a good pulse.

Men are inherently uncomfortable with the act of meaningless chit-chat.
However, if it is with a woman you like, even if the content is meaningless, it will serve the purpose of “communicating with a woman you like,” so it will never be meaningless.

The same is true when the other guy sends you chat messages whose purpose or meaning you don't understand, and you can think of it as a sign that he wants to communicate with you somehow.

He'll ask you what you like.

Men often ask the women they like questions about their favorite foods, favorite celebrities, favorite movies, and other things they like.
The reason why we ask people what they like is because we want to find an excuse to ask them out on a date or find out what type of opposite sex they like.

When you are asked what you like, it is sometimes difficult to answer.
Sometimes it would be quicker to ask them what they don't like.
However, what men want to know is only what the person they like likes.
One way to express your affection is to be close to the woman's preferences.

Uninterrupted chatting.

If the chatting continues for a long time without interruption, no matter what the content, then the possibility of a pulse is quite high.
The same goes for regular daily chats, even if each exchange is short.

Women, even if they are friends, may be careful to keep in touch with each other, but most men do not do this.
If you're talking to a friend, all you need to do is tell them what you want and that's it.

However, if it's a woman you like, you want to stay connected with her for as long as possible, so you try to keep chatting with her for as long as possible.

quick to respond

If a woman responds immediately when you send her a chat, you can also consider that she has a pulse.
For men, replying to chats can be quite a hassle.
However, when you are with someone you like, even things that are normally troublesome become enjoyable.

In addition, I try to reply as soon as possible to communications from women I like because I feel anxious that if I reply late, I might lose the connection I have made.

A distant approach sent by a man on a date.

We've been on many dates, but there's no sign of him confessing his feelings, and I don't know what he's thinking.
Are you going to become a woman of convenience? Some of you are probably wondering.
But if you observe closely, you may notice that he is making a casual approach.

Actively tries to buy you a drink.

There are men who don't give off the vibe that they want you to buy them a drink, but they don't try to make you take out your wallet or pay the bill without your knowledge.
It is safe to assume that the reason why men take the initiative to buy women drinks on dates is because they want to show how cool they are to the women they like.

Women who are accustomed to splitting the bill may feel uncomfortable being asked to buy a drink.
However, it is a chance for men to show their good side, so be open to the idea of buying you a drink.
Sending a small gift in return later will also make a good impression.

I remember the conversation.

If he remembers your previous words or conversations, there is a good chance that he has a pulse.
If he talks about something else that you talked about on your last date, or something you liked that you mentioned only once, he may like you.

With the exception of a few people with excellent memories, men are very forgetful creatures.
In particular, they tend not to even try to remember what has passed, and if the conversation is not particularly impactful, they will forget it in turn.

However, even such a forgetful man can remember every detail of what the woman he has a crush on says.
Because you love the other woman, even an idle conversation becomes a precious memory.

Eye contact is frequent.

You may think that it is natural to make eye contact with your partner when you are on a date.
But the truth is that when you are walking or sitting side by side, there are not many times when you can make eye contact without being aware of it.

If you see each other's eyes frequently while on a date, it is because he and you are aware of each other and are concerned about whether the other person is enjoying the date with you.

If you are a woman who has learned to care, you will act the same way even if you are with a man you don't particularly like.
However, when a man asks for a woman's good mood, it is because he has feelings for her that are different from friendship.
If it's not a woman they like, men will act self-centeredly without much regard for the mood of the other person.

So many gifts.

Men sometimes use gift attacks to get the attention of women they like.
If he gives you a small gift every time you see him, such as sundries or a drink, even if it's not that expensive, you can consider it a roundabout approach.

Men are quite serious when it comes to women they don't like.
Even if you make a lot of money or have a lot of take-home pay, you don't want to waste your money on a woman who doesn't seem to be interested in you.

Therefore, frequent gift-giving can be seen as an act of wanting to see the face of the woman you love happy.

Notice any changes in the other person's physical condition immediately.

A woman on a date is prone to many small problems, such as getting a sore shoe when she wears a new pair of shoes to a date, or getting chilled because the air conditioning in a store is too strong.

And you often can't tell him about the trouble yourself because you don't want to make him feel uncomfortable.
However, if he notices something unusual about you and shows concern and caring without saying anything, it is because he likes you.

Although it is different from a proactive approach, the act of caring for the woman you like so that she can feel good is a kind of expression of affection.

Approaches Men Make to Women in the Workplace

In today's workplace, it has become more difficult to treat your partner as a special member of the opposite sex.
Even if they find a woman they like, most men are unable to approach her head-on.
So how do men in the world approach the women they like at work?

Talk to them frequently.

In a friendly workplace, there are many occasions when co-workers talk to each other.
Nevertheless, the content of the conversation should be work-related or workplace-related, and the topics should be appropriate for the workplace.

However, if a man has a woman he is interested in at work, he will often talk to her about topics related to his personal life.

However, in today's world, even asking someone how they spend their holidays is considered sexual harassment, so men are also cautious.
Therefore, rather than asking for information about the woman, he often talks one-sidedly about his own personal life.

If a man at work is talking to you about his personal life that you haven't specifically asked about, it might be an approach to you.

Frequent invitations to drinks and meals

Today, it has become more difficult for men to get close to the women they like at work.
It is often at work parties and dinners that people find the opportunity to progress from being just workmates to becoming more than just friends.

Even if it is not just the two of you, but a drink or dinner with your colleagues, if you are frequently invited by a particular man, there is a high possibility that he is the one who approached you.

In fact, if you ask someone out with the help of the people around you, it means that you are very serious about it.
If you are a shy man, you may not be able to take direct action, but watch carefully for far-fetched approaches.

I'll try to help you with your work.

When a woman you like is in trouble, you want to help her, not anyone else.
It's the same with workplace romance.

One of the most common situations in the workplace where women are in trouble is when they are asked to do more work on short notice, or when they have to stay late at the office because they can't finish their overtime.
Also, if a woman you like is going through something like that, such as being severely reprimanded by her boss, you would want to cheer her up.

If a man is willing to take the initiative to help you with your tasks or follow up on your mistakes, you can consider this a far-fetched approach.

You'll be closer when you talk.

As I mentioned earlier, it is a fact that men become more distant when they are talking with a woman they like.
That is, if you see a woman you like in front of you, even if it is at work, you will unconsciously get closer to her.

“If you find yourself in a situation where you feel like you're different from the rest of your coworkers, it may be hard to tell, but it could be your approach.
In addition to conscious approach, there may be times when the person is approaching without even realizing it.

You'll be underestimated.

If the woman you are talking to is a subordinate or junior colleague, you may inevitably have an underestimate of the woman you like.
Even if you don't like her, if you think she's cute or you're interested in her, you can't help but look at her in a favorable light.

Taking the initiative to follow up on the mistakes of a woman you are interested in may also be a far-fetched approach.
It is possible that you are trying to make a good impression by showing your good side to the person you like.

Know the psychology of men for effective approaches.

It is sadly not uncommon for people to have a good vibe with someone, but not go out with them and then the relationship spontaneously disappears.
To prevent this from happening, if he doesn't make a move on you, why don't you approach him yourself?

First, you need to find out what type of person he is.

Compared to decades ago, men have become more quiet and women more aggressive.

It means that I'm free of the “male” and “female” frameworks, and that in itself is not a bad thing.
You just have to be yourself and enjoy your love life in a relaxed way.
But once you find out if the guy you're interested in is secretive or not, it's time to find out.

Well, how? You may be thinking, “How do I know?
Ask his friends and old friends about his past relationships.
The tendency to fall in love doesn't change that often.

You can get a rough idea of whether he is a flamboyant playboy or if he has been in a single-minded relationship with only one person.

The type that often makes a lot of noise with male friends.

One of the most common types is the one who often makes a lot of noise with his male friends, but is reserved with women.
In other words, they have little experience with women.
His approach is to show you an “interesting me.

Even if they don't talk to you directly, do you see people making more noise than necessary at drinking parties?
If she is making noise with her male friends or colleagues and glances at you, it is a sign that she is approaching you.

Since you can't talk to them directly and sell yourself to them, you can say that you are showing yourself as a whole first.
If you create the opportunity for them, things often go surprisingly smoothly.

The type that's hard to figure out how to ask out.

We go out alone together, but it's not clear what's going on.
He's not sure if you just think of him as a friend or not, he may be the type of guy who is anxious to go further.

This type of person is preoccupied with worrying about what will happen if I ask her out and she rejects me.
You may often have a complex about your appearance, such as being fat in the past.

If this is the case, you should be the one to actively invite them to play with you.
And it can be something small.
Ask him for a few favors.
Repeat the process, and when you feel confident that he won't say no and that he is dependent on you, he will ask you out.

The type that talks about family.

If he talks about his family and other things without you even asking, it shows that he has forgiven you so much.

It may not be quite the same as an approach, but since I'm talking so much, I want you to reveal your private life to me as well.
But you don't have the courage to ask him directly, so you take that kind of approach in a roundabout way.

If you don't mind, you can talk about your personal life with them, even if it's just in private.
And when the topic turns to hobbies and interests, you can ask, “Would you like to go out with me sometime? And when the topic turns to hobbies and interests, you can ask her if she'd like to go with you sometime.

The type of person who thinks that “never say no” is an approach.

And the more confusing type is this guy who thinks that “not saying no” will be an approach.
He is super passive and thinks he is showing his feelings by “not saying no”.

They don't seem to want to go any further, but they are “waiting”.
In this case, ask him a question and let him choose the answer to make a decision.

But be careful how you ask.
Does it bother you to see me? Doesn't it bother you?
Do you enjoy being with me? No fun?
Something that can only be said yes in such a straightforward way of asking.
He would feel oppressed by it.

Instead, give them a way out and force them to say yes or no.
Do you want to go away for a bit next month? If you're not too busy with work.

He's the one who wants to take the last step.

Some of him is reluctant, but he is just looking for the right time to take the last step because he wants to be the one to take it.
He is a romantic, and often wants to surprise you on your birthday, Christmas, or other anniversaries.
If you notice it, pretend you don't know about it and wait until you do.

In this case, he is almost always trying to find out what you like in a roundabout way, so in a way, it is easy to understand.
However, if you were aware of everything, she might suddenly sulk, so the key is to pretend that you don't know.


How was it?
I introduced a way of approaching them that is difficult for them to understand because they are so reserved.

Backward boys can be a real handful! Yet, they try so hard in their own way and that is their personality.
Nurture the relationship slowly, with the intention of keeping pace with them.


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