I got a reply from a guy who didn’t read my chat! What’s in his mind and why? A read-through chat is a good sign!

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Nowadays, chatting is the main way to communicate with people instead of e-mail or phone calls, right?
In this article, I would like to reiterate my explanation about such chats.
For example, have you ever had a chat that was ignored?

It's quite shocking when a guy you like doesn't read your chats, especially when you don't like him.
In this article, I would like to introduce the psychology of men who ignore read chats.
Actually, you might not even have to worry about it that much!

The bewildering ignore!

Even ignoring a friend's messages can make you feel uncomfortable, but when a guy you like does it, it makes you feel even more uneasy.
If you've ever been ignored by someone you love, you've probably felt this way.

I need an answer fast.

If you have already read the chat, you will probably want to reply as soon as possible.
If you've read it, I hope you'll respond, even if it's just to say a few words.
I'm not sure if it's because I don't know what to do with it.

If it hasn't been read, you can think that he might be busy, but if it has been read, you can't stand waiting for it to be read.

Did I say something funny?

If you don't receive a reply after having read the message, you may be worried that you have said something wrong.
No matter how much I reread the chat, even though I don't think I've said anything to offend him, he's already read it, and the more time passes, the more anxious I get.

Have I been forgotten?

You can see that they are reading your messages, but if you ignore them for a long time, you might think that they forgot to reply to you.

In such cases, I sometimes think about chatting with them again, but I'm afraid that if I send them another message, they'll think I'm a pushy person, and I'll have a bewildering struggle by myself.

What is the psychology behind ignoring a read message?

For women, the problem of ignoring read messages is something that cannot be overlooked, but many men seem to ignore read messages without any particular thought.
If you know the psychology of men who ignore read messages, you may feel a little less bothered.

busy with one's work

The most common psychological reason for a man to ignore a message is that he is too busy with work to reply.
If you just want to read them, you can just open the chat and see them in a moment of your work, but if you want to reply, you will need some time.

If that happens, I may just look at it and then respond later, when I have more time.

You forgot to reply.

In some cases, there is no deep meaning, and they simply forgot to respond.

This is also common among people who are busy with their work. If you just look at the messages while you are working and plan to reply later, you may forget to reply after work.

I thought we were done talking.

It seems that if there is no question mark or other question mark at the end of a sentence, some men often think that the conversation is over when they see the chat.
If it's a conversation between two women, they may continue their conversation in daily conversation without questions, but men are not so good at expanding their conversation from normal conversation.

I'm not industrious.

Some men are simply not very diligent to begin with, rather than simply ignoring readings.

These men may not even be aware that you are ignoring their messages, and they may have read them and that's it.
Also, many men who are not diligent by nature are the type who don't even read the messages.

Satisfied and finished

This is also a common pattern, especially when it's not a question, but by looking at the chat, you think you've convinced yourself that the conversation is over.
When you mark a message as read, you are trying to tell the other person that you understand.

The chat is subtle.

Some chats are simply a bit off-putting, and others are difficult to respond to.
You can't ignore those chats, right?

In this case, I can't say that the sender is not at fault.
Unless you are a couple, but if you have a one-sided love, you might want to try to make your chat easy for them to respond to.

In fact, this is the psychology!

You may think that this is a sign that you don't have a pulse, but sometimes it is because you do have a pulse that it takes time to reply and you end up ignoring the message.
Next, let's take a look at the surprising psychology of men who ignore read messages.

I'm taking a long time to respond.

Many people become anxious when they don't receive a reply by ignoring a read message, but in fact, a hidden male psychology may be that he is taking time to create a reply text because he likes the person.

Many men are not as good at writing as women, so if they like you, they may be thinking about the text more than usual, which is why they are slow to reply.

the game of love

This is an advanced technique used by men who have a lot of experience in love, and they intentionally make you feel bewildered by only reading the message, in other words, they use the technique of hurrying you.

In the case of such men, when they reply, they are usually the blistering type, so women should also be able to detect whether they are being deliberately rushed or not.

Playing the game of love is difficult, isn't it?
It can be difficult to play games with them because you are worried that they might not like you.

The psychology of men who reply to chats after all these years and why.

If you think you've been ignored, you may suddenly get a chat from the other guy.
If you're not sure if you're a good friend or not, you may want to check out the following tips.

I was dumped by the woman I was after.

It's a little unclear, but there is a pattern that the other guy was targeting other women, so he put off contacting you and ignored your messages.

Sometimes, a man who has been ignoring your messages will contact you after a while, because he wants to heal his heartbreak and loneliness.

The bottom line is that you were ignored because you were a keeper for the other guy, so this is not an interesting story for you.

However, in this case, the man has been rejected by his true love, so it is actually easier to bring him into a romantic relationship if he makes an effort.

Work has settled down.

If the reason for ignoring the message was that he was busy at work, he may have contacted you because he has settled down at work and has more time to think about his personal life.

Many men can't think about anything other than work when they are absorbed in their work, and furthermore, keeping in touch with a woman with whom they are not close uses a different brain than work, so it is inevitably difficult for them to work at the same time.

Even if he ignored you, your position in his mind is not so bad if you think that he remembered you as soon as he got off work.

I remembered that I hadn't replied.

Some people, not just men and women, who are sluggish in contacting others think that they have already responded to them.
I'm not aware of the fact that I've ignored the message myself.

They think they have replied to the message, and because they are so sluggish, they don't particularly care that the other person hasn't replied.

It is not uncommon for them to contact me again.

I wasn't sure how to reply.

You may be confused about the content of the reply and can't decide how to respond on the spot, resulting in ignoring the message.
This pattern is more common among sensitive and uncommunicative men who worry more than necessary about how their words will be received by others.

He doesn't mean to ignore you at all, he just thinks too much about how to reply to you without offending you or making himself more likable, which makes him reply very slowly.

Alternatively, men of the older generation who are not used to light-hearted communication via chat rooms may also fall into this pattern.

I wanted to get in touch with you again.

It is not impossible that there is a pattern of people who once got bored and lost interest in replying, but somehow got back into the mood and contacted you again.

This is the opposite of a man who thinks about what he is replying to and ends up ignoring it.

Is it a sign of a good relationship when someone contacts you after ignoring your messages? How to tell if someone is not interested in you

If you get a call from someone you thought was over because they ignored your message, you might be wondering if there is actually a connection. You might be wondering if there is actually a pulse.
Of course, there is a possibility that he has a pulse, but even if he doesn't, he may contact you as a social call, so you need to know how to recognize him.

I have an apology to make.

Men will show their sincerity to a woman with a pulse.
So if he apologizes for ignoring you, even though you didn't blame him for ignoring you, it's probably not a good sign.

Even if the other guy seems remorseful for ignoring your message, don't get carried away and blame him.
Especially if you want to build a good relationship with your partner, be generous and forgive, and don't mention the fact that you haven't read the message.

It's clear why you've been ignoring the readings.

If the person is apologizing and explaining why he or she ignored your message, then there is a good chance that you have a connection.

Many men are not good at telling lies when they are in a hurry.
Also, you don't need to bother to think about the reason why you ignored a woman without a pulse, so the fact that she clarifies the reason is probably because she wants to regain your trust.

If you still care about him, I recommend that you don't pursue it even if you think it's a fake reason.
To put it another way, what you do before you start dating is up to you, and blaming the other person won't do you any good.

I received a response to the last message I sent.

Even if it takes a long time to reply to your message, if you receive a proper response to your previous message, that can also be taken as a sign that you have a pulse.

For you, it's ignoring the message, but for him, it's possible that he just took a while to reply and didn't mean to ignore you.

The reply is spelled out in writing.

No matter how many times you receive a reply from the other person, if it's just a single stamp or a simple sentence, there's a good chance you don't have a pulse.

On the other hand, if you receive a reply with a solid content, there is a high possibility that you have a pulse.
Even if there is a gap in time before you reply, the fact that you thought of the text and sent it means that you want to continue chatting with them.

He asks me out to dinner to apologize for the delay in my response.

If you've been ignoring him for a while, and he hasn't contacted you in a while, he might apologize for not responding sooner and ask you out to dinner.
In that case, it is safe to assume that you have a pulse.

Men won't go out of their way to spend time with a woman they are not interested in.
So, if a man asks you out to dinner, you can be sure that he has a pulse.

What to do when you receive a reply from a man who has ignored your message.

It's easy to get carried away when you get a reply from a guy you've been ignoring, but if you reply on the spur of the moment, he might ignore you again.
First of all, make sure you have a good idea of how to handle the situation, and next time, don't lose contact with them.

Check the content without reading it first.

When you notice that a guy who has been ignoring you has contacted you, sometimes you want to see the content right away, but you feel awkward to immediately read it.

Moreover, if the other person knows that you have read the message right away, they will know that you were worried about ignoring the message.

If this is the case, use the method of checking the text sent to you without reading it.

If you are using an iPhone, you can check the contents of the chat without marking it as read by pressing and holding the talk room or using Airplane Mode.
If you are using Android, you can check the contents as well by setting Airplane Mode or using a read-read avoidance app.

Go back and check the contents of past correspondence.

It is your personal decision whether to read or not. If a man contacts you after you have ignored him, first check what you sent him last time.

When you look back later, you may be surprised to find that you sent such a heavy message.
In that case, it could be that the other person has become self-conscious, so try to reply in a lighter tone this time.

In that case, you can try to make excuses for sending heavy content.

If there are signs of a pulse, get in touch with him.

If you can see the signs of a pulse in the contact from a man who has been ignored, then by all means reply to him.
It might just be a case of bad timing and ignoring the message at the wrong time.

In this case, it's okay to mention that you've been ignored, if only jokingly.
However, if the other person doesn't mention that he or she hasn't read your message, your pulse rate may be low.

It's not impossible to improve your sensitivity in the future, but if a man doesn't want to force you into a relationship, you can give up and move on.

Be aware of what the other person can easily respond to.

The man who ignored your message may not be the type who likes heavy talk or serious atmosphere.
Some people, especially men, think that serious conversations should not be had in chat rooms.
So when replying, try not to give heavy advice or talk.

If the topic is something anyone can talk about, such as how you spend your holidays or what restaurants you recommend, it's easier to answer questions and less likely to cause a read-through.

If he still ignores you again, there is a good chance that you don't have a pulse.

Talk about topics that might interest them.

No matter how much you want the other person to know about you, if you keep talking about yourself, the other man will gradually get bored with the conversation.
As a result, it is not uncommon for people to become too lazy to reply and ignore the message.

Look back at the chats you've sent, and if you feel like you're only talking about yourself, try replying to the other person with a question.
If you can find something in common, you will be able to talk more, and you will be less likely to be ignored.

Points to keep in mind when contacting someone after ignoring them

There are a few things to keep in mind when responding to a contact from someone who has been ignored.
To avoid dampening the other person's feelings, be aware of the points I'm about to mention and reply to them.

Don't bite on the reply right away.

If you are in the middle of chatting, or if you reply immediately to a contact after a short pause, the other person will know that you have been waiting for them to contact you.

If the person you are talking to is your boyfriend or someone you get along with to a certain extent, there is no problem, but if you are contacting someone you are not that close with that often, they may think you are a troublesome type of woman.

For men who are not very frequent communicators, responding too quickly can be a burden.
Give yourself a good amount of time and be careful that your chat does not become a burden to the other person.

Don't send long messages.

While it may not be particularly unusual for women to send long messages in chat, many men have a hard time with long chats.
For some people, just a quick glance at the text and the thought that it is long may discourage them from replying.

If you put more than one question in one message, there is a greater chance that the message will get tedious while you are thinking of a reply and will be ignored again.
To avoid this, limit yourself to one question per word, and try to keep the exchange light-hearted.

Don't just reply with a stamp.

If you are good friends or lovers, you can share what you want to say to each other with just stamps, but if you are still in touch with someone, it is safer to avoid replying with just stamps.

Stamps are cute and useful, but depending on how they are communicated, they can give the wrong impression to the other person.

However, cute stamps can also give the impression of girlishness, so use them in moderation with your text.

How to get the person you like to reply to your chat.

Chatting with someone you like is fun, so you want to stay in touch with them for as long as possible, even if it's just for a minute or two.
In order to make this wish come true, it is important to improve your techniques rather than just contacting people according to your feelings.

Send cute stamps.

Chatting is not only about text, but also about the stamp function, so make use of this feature.
Don't just send stamps, choose cute stamps to get their attention.
When a cute stamp is sent to you, you will definitely want to reply to it.

It is possible that he is just too busy to remember to reply. If you send a message such as “Ignore?”, it will give a very cold impression and you may be disliked.
In such a case, just send a stamp.

Talk about different topics.

Put aside what you've been through and try to talk about something completely different.
This is because they may be having trouble replying to the content that has been passed over, or they may be wondering what to say in reply.

So, if I send a message about other topics, I may get a response right away.

Instead of prompting a reply, send something completely different, and you'll be able to start chatting again in a natural way.

Faking a transmission error

You can also fake a sending error and send the same message again.
However, the content should be exactly the same as the one you went through.
It's strange when you think it's a sending error and you send it again, but the content is slightly different.

If you send a chat with the same content and then immediately reply, “Sorry! The key is to make it look natural.
However, it is important not to use the same trick over and over again.
If you feign a sending error every time you don't get a reply, you will be disliked.

Chatting with the person you like is difficult, isn't it?
You will feel like you want to keep chatting for as long as possible.

What not to do when someone ignores your messages.

When a man you are interested in ignores you, there are some things you should never do.
If you do these things inadvertently, you may end up not only being ignored, but unread, so be careful.

Pestering for a response.

Don't send a chat message that prompts you to reply repeatedly just because you are worried about being ignored.
If you are not good at it, you may be treated as a stalker.
If they just forgot, there may be some reason why they are not replying back.

If you're busy and you keep getting chats that are not urgent, most men will think twice about deepening the relationship with you, no matter how much they like you.

It may be lonely to be ignored, but after a few prompts, wait patiently and hope that you will be contacted again.

Make multiple phone calls.

It is also not a good idea to call someone repeatedly without considering their convenience just because they don't reply to your chat.
The person you're talking to will get tired of being called repeatedly when it's not about work.

Of course, if you need an urgent reply or have something you really need to tell them, you can call them.
However, if that is not the case, then you should not make phone calls that are not necessary.

Throw a series of stamps.

Some people send stamps over and over again to encourage the other person to reply, but if you do this to a man, even if it is between friends of the same sex, he will not understand your true intentions and may feel weirded out.

Stamps are received differently by different people depending on the content, so if you're not that close, it's best not to use too many stamps.
If you want to convey your feelings, put them into words.


What do you think of the male psychology of ignoring read chats, women?
In many cases, it may simply be that they are busy, but there are some men who intentionally ignore read messages as a technique.

It's easy to be at the mercy of someone who doesn't read your messages, but if you're at the mercy of someone who doesn't read your messages, you're at their mercy.
Of course, the person you are talking to is probably doing it because they have feelings for you, but be careful not to dance in their hands too much.


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