Characteristics of annoying girlfriends and how to deal with them


It's often fun to go shopping together with good female friends, or have tea or dinner and chat, as it helps to refresh and relieve stress.
But even in such a situation, sometimes annoying female friends who are troublesome to be with enter the picture.
The “annoying female friend” doesn't even realize that she is being smothered by her friends.
Let's take a look at some of the characteristics of annoying girlfriends and how to get rid of them.
Are you becoming an “annoying female friend” without realizing it?

Characteristics of “annoying female friends” in communities where only women are present

The “douchebag girlfriend” is a lightweight who can't keep a conversation to herself.

Women basically love to talk, and when they are talking with their girlfriends, they often get so excited that they lose track of time.
At such times, I sometimes get excited talking about people's gossip and inside stories.
There are times when you might say, “Keep this between us…” and reveal a secret story between the two of you.
Then, a few days later, another female friend asks me, “I heard this story from my annoying female friend, are you okay? Are you okay?
Annoying girlfriends love to talk and gossip, so they find themselves telling all kinds of people “just between you and me”.
Be careful not to accidentally tell your annoying girlfriends about your secret, because you may end up hurting yourself.

The “douchebag girlfriend” can't read the air and only talks about herself.

I mentioned above that women like to talk, but that's only if they can catch up and talk to each other.
This will make the exchange of chats more enjoyable.
An annoying female friend is unable to sense the atmosphere of the situation, so when she enters into a conversation with a female friend, she will blabber one-sidedly about what she wants to talk about, without listening to the other person at all.
The other person doesn't even notice that he or she is feeling kind of dull when they hear it, which is quite comforting for them, but it's just painful for the person being listened to.

The “annoying female friend” only wants to hear what others have to say.

Some annoying girlfriends only talk about themselves, while others keep their own stories to themselves, but try to find out everything about others.
Such a type of person will ask you as much as they can, and before you know it, they may be telling you all over the place about what they have heard.
It may be difficult to discern the difference, but if you find it annoying, it would be best to avoid talking about important matters.

The “annoying girlfriend” can't keep her promises.

Annoying girlfriends tend to be the self-centered type who only think about themselves.
This is why “annoying girlfriends” who are always late for a meeting rate their friends.
I don't know how many times I've had to repeat the excuse that it was a relative's wedding.
They also do things like borrowing and not returning what they borrow.
I think it's better to understand that you have such a personality and not lend something really important.

“'Annoying girlfriends' rates girlfriends

Annoying girlfriends are always checking out what their friends have.
I often look at clothes, bags, and accessories.
So if you see a bag that looks a little out of the ordinary, you might ask yourself, “Is that a real brand name bag? “It's used, isn't it? If you have a bag that is different from the norm, they will ask you if the bag is authentic or not.
Instead, when she buys a new bag, she likes to show it off to her friends.
Instead of judging a friend's personality, they rate their female counterparts based on things like what they have and the status of their boyfriends, and judge whether they are better or worse than them.

Sometimes “annoying girlfriends” are more bother than they need to be.

Annoying girlfriends tend to be self-centered, and at the same time, they have an extreme aversion to being ostracized by others.
Therefore, if you find a female friend who seems to care about you, she may unnecessarily send you a number of messages with unimportant content.
You want to attract attention to yourself.
If you don't read the message or leave it unread, he may get angry and say, “Why don't you reply to me? If you leave it unread, he may get angry.

Characteristics of “annoying female friends” in communities that include men.

An “annoying female friend” who behaves differently in front of men and women

At a party, this is where the annoying girlfriends come into their own.
Obviously, my attitude changes completely in front of men and women.
Use your girl power to the fullest and sit next to the man you want and mark him perfectly.
In addition, I try to share food, which I normally would never do, and pay close attention to making sure drinks are well distributed.
At times, they often approach men of their choice with a “woman” in front of them.
It is disheartening to see such blatancy.

The “annoying girlfriends” who pretend to be humble and put down other girlfriends.

As mentioned above, it's annoying when a female friend changes her attitude completely, especially in the presence of men, but even worse is when she puts down other female friends in an attempt to increase her own relative value.
“I need to go on another diet. I need to lose weight again, I'm not as slim as you,” she would say in front of her friends who were obviously chubbier than her.
Of course, she is just trying to get the man's attention so that she can praise herself by saying, “That's not true – you are thin enough.

An “annoying female friend” who doesn't mind asking a man she's never met before where he works or how much money he makes.

Also, annoying girlfriends can be vain.
I try to add value to the men I date.
And they try to choose a reliable man for their future “marriage”.
I am the type of person who will not hesitate to ask a man I have just met where he works and how much money he makes.

Annoying girlfriends who pretend to be drunk and spoil it for men.

A girl who is a strong drinker at a drinking party with her girlfriends may suddenly become more reserved at a drinking party with men.
For example, there are some annoying girlfriends who use the “I'm not a good drinker, so I drank more than usual and got a little drunk.

Also, if the man who takes care of you is the man you're aiming for, you'll feel twice as annoyed.

The “annoying girlfriends” can be found at work too.

There are “annoying girlfriends” not only in private, but also in official places.
The office is where you spend most of your time in the day.
Some of them are good friends of mine who enjoy gossiping and chatting with me, and some of them are annoying.
The main types are often annoying girlfriends who are “airheaded,” “take all the credit,” and “bossy.

“Even when everyone else is busy working overtime, the annoying female friend who can't read the atmosphere will leave on time without breaking her pace or offering to help.
“When a project goes well, the annoying female friend will happily report it to her boss as if she is the only one who got the credit.
The members of the group around me couldn't keep their mouths shut.
“In the end, they can't do it on their own and ask their friends to cover for them.

“How to deal with “annoying girlfriends.

The best way to deal with annoying girlfriends is to not deal with them.
Basically, annoying female friends are generally self-centered and want to be bothered by you.
On top of that, he's the kind of person who will go around telling other people's stories just to get attention for himself.
Therefore, if you are oddly decent in your answers, you may end up having rumors about what you are and are not in places you don't know.
To avoid such a situation, it is best to pass on the conversation with annoying girlfriends from right to left and not listen to them seriously.

And if it gets too much, you might want to make it clear that what you're doing is annoying! And if it is too much, you may want to make it clear that you are a little angry.
Someone might feel a little remorse by blackmailing an annoying female friend.
But since she's a woman who doesn't even know herself that she's being annoying, she seems to have a strong heart, so I don't know if it will work too well.

How to be a woman who is not hated by her girlfriends?

In order to avoid being disliked by women, you should not do the opposite of the “annoying girlfriends” that I have mentioned.
However, the most important point therein may be that your attitude does not change in front of men or women.
A woman who changes her face depending on the person she is talking to may not be trusted by her female friends and may not want to be friends with them openly.
Female friends are important people who listen to your complaints, talk to you about your boyfriend, and support you when you are troubled.
I want to be the kind of woman that not only my female friends don't hate me, but that they would want to be friends with.
It would also be best if I could find such a wonderful female friend too.


I've been looking at the characteristics of annoying female friends, but I think there are many more things to keep in mind when dealing with women than with men.
As I mentioned in the coping strategies, the best thing to do is to stay away from those types of women.
However, in order to do so, you need to have a strong will to draw a firm line between yourself and your girlfriends who you feel do not fit in, so as not to give them an opportunity to take advantage of you.
Once you get tangled up with a “douchebag girlfriend,” you're in big trouble!
I think it's important to be careful.


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