Does SNS make people happy or unhappy?


In the past, a survey about “Facebook makes people unhappy” became a hot topic.
Using the social network seems to make people more miserable

The study concluded that “I feel as unhappy as a heavy Facebook user.”
I was convinced of this result, but when I examined it, there were many studies that gave the opposite result.

Research results that Facebook makes humans happy

For example, the following study shows that Facebook makes people happy.
Is there social capital in the social network?
The conclusion of this research is completely opposite, and it is claimed that “Facebook raises the spirit of social trust and social contribution”.

In addition, there was a research result that “subjects who were immersed in Facebook had a sense of well-being when they tested their emotional responses by attaching electrodes to those who were using Facebook.”
Emotional reaction of Facebook users

Can people be happy with Facebook?

That's why there are various conflicting results, but there are studies that have intermediate results.
SNS usage and social well-being

According to this research, it seems that people who post frequently on Facebook, use messages, comment on other people's posts, and like “like” are very happy.
On the other hand, it seemed unhappy if he was using it passively, simply looking at the posts of his friends or looking at information on the company page.

In other words, whether you are happy or unhappy depends on how you use Facebook.
The more you interact with your friends, the more happy you are on Facebook, and the more unhappy you are on Facebook.
The law that the rich are increasingly rich and the poor are increasingly poor is here again.

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