How much does workout performance change with different pre-workoutcarbohydrate intake?(Loughborough University et al., 2020)

Health and Diet

Research Methods

The topic of this study is carbohydrateintake of pre workout.
The attributes of the subjects whoparticipated in the experiment were asfollows

Age20-26years old
Training Experience4.7 years onaverage
Number of Experimenters22people

In addition, the experiment is asfollows.

Carbohydrate intake of preworkoutSubjects drank one of the following drinks and thenperformed the workout.
Subjects also tried each of these threepatterns.

  • 0 grams of carbohydrates (just water)
  • 2.4grams of carbohydrates (a placebo drink made to look like it's full ofcarbohydrates)
  • 120 grams of carbohydrates (a drink that isactually full of carbohydrates)
The timebetween ingesting carbohydrates and workout2hours
Workout content
  • Perform 4 setsof squats at 90% of 10RM.
  • Perform 4 sets of bench presses at90% of 10RM.
What this experimentconfirmedWhat effect do differences in carbohydrate intakehave on workout performance?


After drinkingwaterAfter taking a placebo drinkAfter drinking acarbohydrate drink
Average number ofsquats38 times43 times44times
Average number of bench presses37times38 times39times
  • Comparing the placebo drinkwith the carbohydrate drink, there was no significant difference inthe number of squats and bench presses for either.
  • Comparingthe subjective satisfaction after drinking a placebo drink with afterdrinking a carbohydrate drink, there was no significant difference.(p=0.18)
  • On the other hand, the satisfaction after drinkingwater was quite low.


Thepsychological satisfaction of having taken carbohydrates affectsworkout performance more than the actual amount of carbohydrateintake.


ReferencePaperNaharudin et al.,2020
AffiliationsLoughboroughUniversity et al.
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