If you go to the gym, you get fat

Health and Diet

The research that claims to get fat when you go to the gym was interesting, so let me introduce it.
Why Going to the Gym Could Make You Fat | FORZA Blog

According to this survey, 26% of the people who go to the gym are actually getting fat, and 46% are staying the same (not getting lost).The reasons are as follows.

  • 39% of gym users consume only about 300kcal per exercise
  • I'm satisfied with going to the gym and then eaten too much
  • Drinking alcohol as a “reward” after the gym
  • Exercise increases your appetite and increases your calorie intake

In short, there are many people who are satisfied with going to the gym and then get dull.After going to the gym or exercising, you may be able to diet more efficiently if you take care not to get loose.

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