If you eat with your back straight, you will lose weight

Health and Diet

It is well known that human posture has a great influence on mental.
As mentioned below, TED became a hot topic.
Humans actually feel confident when they pose with confidence

As a similar study, I would like to introduce a study that says “If you eat with an elegant posture, you will lose weight”.
Sit Big to Eat Big

According to this study, people who spread the dishes on the table and take up a lot of space had more calories than those who dine in a small and elegant manner, and as a result were often obese.

In short, it seems that people who care about self-image for their body shape tend to eat finely.
This is a study for women only, but it probably applies to men as well.
People who want to lose weight can expect a diet effect if they eat finely.

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