How to tell if a man considers you a romantic interest.

Love and Marriage

It's a little scary to know if you're in love with someone you like, but you want to know.
If you know which one you are, your approach will probably change.
What are some of the attitudes that men take toward women who are not in love with them?

High probability that it will happen.

Regarding contact

Men seem to overreact when they receive contact from a woman they like or are interested in.
It seems that sometimes they have trouble deciding what to say, and it takes them a while to reply. So they reply immediately.

On the other hand, if the message is left unanswered for more than half a day without any reason, or if it is read but not responded to, it may mean that you are not in love.
Maybe you don't feel the need to return contact from a woman you're not in love with.

If you do return it, it may be a short message with just an errand.
Maybe we draw boundaries by making such distinctions.

On conversation

In general, most men don't talk to women who are not in love with them, but some men do talk to them aggressively.
That's probably because you'll have more female friends.
But it doesn't seem to be a serious conversation.

They will be chatting and joking around with you.
You may even tap him on the shoulder like a friend between men.
You make the appeal that you are a friend.

If you keep it up because you enjoy it, you may find that men will ask you for advice about other women.

For herbivorous men or men who are not used to women, they may not know what to say and may be too shy to talk.
It seems to be difficult to tell if herbivorous men are out of love with you or not.

It seems that they don't always talk to you because they are in love with you.
After all, the most important thing is observation, isn't it?
You may try to determine if the man is not a romantic friend by his character and what he talks about.

Men who talk down

Men will not talk down to a woman they like or are interested in.
This is because they are afraid of being disliked for talking down to them.
Well, I'm not an old man in a bar, so I don't like to talk down too much, do I?

On the other hand, there are men who talk down to women who are not in love with them.
I wondered if he was trying to lighten the mood or if he was just having fun…
On the contrary, some men think that they can talk down to women and make them hate them.

If a man is happy when you tell him that you don't like to talk down to him, there is a high probability that he is not in love with you.

What's the difference between being “in love” and being “out of love?”

Familiar and distant attitudes

It's natural for men to be kind to women they are in love with.
So, is a distant attitude really a sign of being out of love?

The general idea of “distant attitude” is probably for women who are not in love with you.
You don't want to be that close to a woman you are not in love with, so you don't change your attitude, which may make the other woman feel that you are distant.

Many men are more polite to women who are not in love with them and treat them with a so-called “detached attitude.
Whether or not she wants to close the distance with these changes will change between romantic and non-romantic women, so it will be a point of discernment.

It will be noticeable that you will cross the line and show your personality to the romantic woman you want to get along with.

It's important to note that herbivorous men and men who are not used to women may be more nervous, and therefore may have a more distant attitude toward the woman they are in love with.
There are many different types of men, and some of them become “distant” to the women they like due to embarrassment.

You may need to consider other points such as the presence or absence of tension, the type of man, and kindness together to make a decision.

What's the difference in attitude when we're alone?

Women and men who are not in love avoid being alone with each other as much as possible.
If it's a woman you're in love with, you're probably happy to go out because you want to be with her and see her.

However, if you are friends with her, it's a different story, but if possible, you want to avoid going out with her or having dinner with her if you are not in love with her.
Even if you ask them out, they might just say no, “Well, maybe next time with everyone…” or “If you get a chance…”.

This is true for women as well, although men are slightly less likely to be alone with someone after asking them out.
In the case of women, it may help to be cautious of the other person.
It seems that they try to reduce the number of opportunities to be alone with each other, as it can be troublesome to get too close.

If you try to ask her out a few times and she refuses or avoids you, there's a good chance that you're not in love with her.

In this case, even if the two of you can be alone, there are signs that the man doesn't want to talk about himself, doesn't talk to you face to face much, tries to end the time alone with you early, or talks about other women.
Pay attention and watch your attitude carefully.
It can be very difficult to see smiles as well.

What's the difference in interest?

They seem to be more interested in women they are in love with, and less interested in women they are not in love with.
Well, that's not surprising, I guess.

However, many feminist men are also characterized by the fact that even if they don't like or care for someone, they may not see much difference in their attitude.

One of the easiest ways to tell the difference between a man's interest and his lack of interest may be in the way he cares.
If the woman you are in love with is in trouble, you will be willing to help her.
But if you're not in love, you may be neglecting to ask for help.
You may not even notice changes in your hair or other aspects of your life if you are not in love.

They don't seem to be able to remember what was said before.
I think there is a big difference in attitude because men lose interest in women who are not in love with them.

Clear action.

I don't smile.

Men will smile and talk when they see a woman they are in love with in front of them.
They may smile naturally because they are fun to be with and want to make a good impression.

However, it seems that women who are not in love with you have very few occasions to smile at you.
Even if they are talking to each other, they are unlikely to smile.
It may be unconscious or it may be conscious.

If you smile back in a strange way, you might be misunderstood.
You want to avoid such a situation.

I don't bother to contact them myself.

The men may contact the women they are in love with and actively promote themselves.

However, it is unlikely that a man will contact a woman he is not in love with.If they have something to do, they may contact me with a short message.
However, I think the only time they contact you is when they have something to do.

I'm sure it's the same for women, but I think men also want to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings.

Try not to talk to them yourself.

“They don't want to be misunderstood by women who are not in love with them by not talking to them aggressively.
As mentioned above, there are some people who talk to you because they think you are their female friend.

I think some people are too embarrassed to talk to me.
Make a decision based on your opponent's character and how they come across.
Maybe we can try talking to them a few times and see how they react.
If the response is still too bland, there is a good chance that you are not in love.

Compliment other women.

“Some men seem to over-emphasize their interest in other women, such as “deliberately complimenting a different type of woman.
I guess it's to avoid misunderstandings and misinterpretations.
“If you find yourself complimenting other women and saying things like, “I like that woman,” there's a good chance you're not in love with her.

However, there are some men who are just plain jealous and will compliment other women to make you jealous even though they are in love with you.
If they are trying to make you jealous, their attitude may be a bit mischievous, so observe them carefully before making a distinction.

You'll always be polite.

Polite men are polite to everyone, so it is natural that they are polite to women as well.
But no matter how polite a man is, it is natural for him to want to get to know the woman he is in love with.

You will be familiar with the woman you are in love with, and your language and behavior will be different.
Therefore, if she is always polite to you, she may not be a romantic interest.

Maybe you draw the line at being polite.

What is a woman who is not in love with you?

I get stressed out when I'm with them.

A woman who is negative and constantly criticizes, denies, or badmouths others on topics, who gets angry easily over trivial things so you don't feel safe, or who always has a grumpy expression on her face is not comfortable to be with.

A woman who is always smiling and cheerful will be able to relax just by being with her, and men will feel satisfied and happy.

Women who hurt men's pride

Many men have high self-esteem and do not like to be emotionally disrespected.
A woman who is bossy, talks from the top, or constantly refutes opinions will be considered to have a harsh personality.
On the contrary, women who are good at praising, flattering, and, for lack of a better word, goma suri, and who are good at building up men, are likely to be liked very much.


If you want to find out for sure if you are out of love, observe men carefully, referring to the above.
There are many types of men, as you may notice by their generally curt attitude.

They may be herbivorous or unfamiliar with women. ……
Make sure you know what type of man you are looking for, and make your decision based on the overall atmosphere of the situation and the man's attitude.


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