The best frequency of messenger with the person you love.

Love and Marriage

How often do you contact the person you have a crush on?
If you're too persistent, you might get pulled away, and if you're too long in coming, it won't appeal.

So what is a reasonable frequency?
In this article, I would like to introduce the recommended frequency of messages from various cases.
If you have a crush on a guy right now and are worried about getting closer to him successfully, please refer to this article.

Don't overdo it! What is the best frequency of messenger before going out?

Adapt to the other person's personality

The frequency of your messages will depend on the personality of the person you are talking to.
It is not a matter of more is better or less is worse, but we need to find the best frequency for the person.
However, the frequency of messaging with someone you have just met requires some creativity.

In situations where you don't know the person's personality or time zone, send a message about once a day and see how it goes.
If a person is slow to respond in this situation, it is possible that they are not good at messaging.
A person who replies to you repeatedly in such a situation may be a good messenger.

In the beginning, get to know your partner's personality and living hours.
This way, you will know when not to bother them, and you will be able to exchange messages smoothly.

Once or twice a week if you are with a man who is cautious about relationships.

If the guy you are talking to is the cautious type in terms of relationships, it might be best not to message him too often.
There is a danger that the male side will pull away.
A message once or twice a week is sufficient.

It depends on how the other person responds, but if you don't ask women out too lightly, it will work better if you don't send too many messages.
You may not like a woman who comes on too strong.

As you receive more messages from your partner, you will be able to reply more often, but you might want to keep the frequency of your own messages to once or twice a week.

Once every two days if you're dealing with a man who's in a good mood.

If you are dealing with a man who is in a good mood, you can message him relatively more often.
They tend not to take messaging with women too seriously, so it's okay for women to message you when they want to get in touch with you.

However, from the very beginning, messaging multiple times a day risks being seen as annoying.
Limit yourself to messaging only once every two days or so.
If you receive more messages from the other person, you can reply to them as you see fit.

If you want to take your time getting to know your partner, you can do it once every 10 days.

Some people want to take their time to get to know the other person.
For such people, the best frequency is about once every 10 days.

If your goal is not to make him or her, but rather to get to know the other person well, frequent messaging is not recommended.
Frequent messaging will also make progress faster.

If you want to get to know someone slowly, you need to get some distance from them.
It is a good idea to get to know the person slowly, and increase the frequency of your messages when you feel you want to get to know them better.

If you want to make progress quickly, do it once a day.

Anyway, if you want to make quick progress with your partner, you should message them at least once a day.
You can appeal to yourself by sending a message every day.

You need to make sure that you message the other person carefully, as they may withdraw.
However, if they are also interested in getting to know you, daily messages are likely to bring you closer together.

Consider the age of your partner.

You also need to consider the age of the person you are messaging.
If you are dealing with a younger person, they tend not to mind so much if the frequency is high.
Younger men have grown up with smartphones in their daily lives, so they tend to take messages lightly.

On the other hand, if you are messaging an adult male, be careful about the frequency.
Those who have grown up in an era where communication is done by phone tend to find messaging annoying.
If you send too many messages, you may be pulled away.

If you're a diligent partner, you can do it 3 to 5 times a day.

If your partner is a diligent man, you may exchange messages several times a day.
If you have a message from someone, you reply to it, and you may message them several times a day.

However, be careful not to message yourself too many times a day, as it may be annoying to the other person.
How they feel about your messages is up to them, so don't send them too often in the beginning, but once a day or so to see how they feel.

Don't overlook even the smallest of actions. Here are three signs that he's on to you!

The fact that he replies is itself a sign that he is interested.

When you are messaging a guy you are not in a relationship with, you are wondering what he thinks of you.
If you and the other person have exchanged a few messages, then there is a chance that you have a connection.

Men do not often reply to messages from women they are not interested in.
Even if you are not interested in a woman, some of you may reply to her at least once as an adult in a social manner, but do not message her repeatedly.

Just the fact that you get a reply from a man means that you have cleared the first barrier.
If you have no chance at all, unfortunately, you will not receive a reply to your message.
If you send a message to a man and he doesn't reply, your love will be a very difficult love.

He'll message me when he doesn't need me.

Messages and phone calls are basically for when you have something to do.
When you are not interested in a person, your messages tend to be about errands.
If the message is work-related or business-like, you can assume that the other person has not yet developed romantic feelings for you.

However, if the content of the message is not about errands, it is a sign of a pulse.Messages that say “I was busy at work today,” or “I'm here now,” even when you have nothing to do, indicate that you want to stay in touch with them.

It may be a sign that they want to know more about themselves or about you.
We also want to stay connected with people we care about, even if we don't have anything to do with them.
It is possible that they are naturally thinking about you.
Don't miss this sign and take it.

More messages with questions.

When you are interested in someone, you want to know a lot about them.
Therefore, the number of messages with questions tends to increase naturally.
You yourself are interested in them, so you are sending them messages with lots of questions.

If the message not only answers the question, but also asks questions about you, it is a sign that he is interested in you and may be interested in you.

You may be tempted to ask a lot of questions because you are curious about the person you like, but sometimes you should stop asking questions from us.
If the other person sends you a message with a question at that time, you can consider yourself to have a pretty good chance.

Four recommended topics that will make it even more fun to contact him and bring him closer to you.

Message them while watching the same TV.

Watching the same TV or other media and sharing your opinions about the content can be a lot of fun.
If you see the same things and feel similar emotions, it means that you have similar values, and it may be a chance for you two to get closer rapidly.

In addition, since the exchange is about TV, you don't have to think of topics by yourself, and you don't have to worry about what to do if you run out of topics.

Communication with pictures.

Messages can be sent not only in text, but also in pictures.
If you both have pets and have something in common there, sending each other pictures of your pets can be a lot of fun.

Pets have a variety of expressions.
Instead of sending only cute pictures, you can also send some funny pictures to make it more fun without being sarcastic.
You can also send photos of scenery you think is beautiful to convey your sensitivity.
You can also find out what kind of things they are interested in by the kind of pictures they send you.

Find common ground.

In order for men and women who are not in a relationship to continue to enjoy messaging, it is important to first find a common topic of conversation.
After you get to know the person to a certain extent, you may have trouble finding a topic for your message.

However, if you find a common topic of conversation, you can avoid this situation.
Find some common topics that you can talk about with your partner, such as your favorite artists, sports, music, etc.

Talk about your views on love.

One topic that will get the two of you excited and rapidly approaching each other is to touch on the topic of love.
Exchange information about your love life, such as asking what type of person they like, or asking about their views on love.

You can ask things that are difficult to ask after you have been together, because you are in the present situation.
Ask them about their views on love, and if they are reserved, you can take the lead. If they are the aggressive type, you can wait for them.


When you message a guy you are not in a relationship with, you are wondering if he is annoying you and what he thinks of you.
However, the mere fact that they respond to your messages is a sign that they are interested in you.

Be creative with the frequency of your messages, depending on the personality of your partner.
If you are able to exchange messages, then you are very close to dating.
Don't overlook the signs that he has a pulse, and make sure you appeal to him.


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