What is the psychology of men after a fight? How to get back together after a quarrel and tips on how to make up

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What the hell! I can't believe we had a fight and he's ignoring me!

I'm sure you've run into that situation a few times.
What is the psychology of a man who ignores you?

It's natural to be disgusted by his attitude.
But wait a minute, you need to chill out.
Men have a strange psychology that only men can understand and that women find strange.

It may be difficult to understand these things, but there is a psychology that only men can understand.
So let me explain to you the psychology of a man who ignores you after a fight!

What is the psychology of men after a fight?

After a fight, both parties are mad at each other, but women and men think a little differently.
What is the psychological state of a man after a fight with his girlfriend?

He's a little regretful about the fight we had.

In fact, he may be regretting having fought with you.
It's not your fault at all, but he got a little pissed off and took it out on you.

Men have a sense of pride that makes it hard for them to apologize.
Admitting one's own faults is also not something that a man's pride can do.
Even if he knows he's wrong, he can't do what he can't do.

He hates himself for being like that, so he's probably waiting until things cool down for you as well.
You just have to understand his male pride and ask him to help you.

Maybe he's waiting for that too.
It will all be solved if you speak up.

Men who don't think it's their fault.

Some men don't think it's their fault when they get into a fight.
Sometimes it is because we don't think we are bad that we are able to face the rough times of society.
Yes, men are very competitive creatures.

If you point it out to them, they won't be able to contain it.
You have to apologize first, even if in your head you resent him for doing so.

Then, when you've cooled off, point that out to him.
I'm sure you don't see it that way.
Please be kind to him and watch over him like a child.

I actually don't know what to do.

In fact, in some cases, he doesn't know what to do.
She doesn't even know why she fought with you, but she got mad when you said something to her and she got angry.

Men are simple.
When you feel better, you won't even know why you were fighting.
Still, you're angry.
Eventually, he won't know what to do and will somehow ignore you, like a child who has done something wrong.

You may be taken aback by his psychology, but you have to accept it.
It's also a time to show how broad-minded you are.

I'm waiting for the heat to die down.

When a man fights with a woman, he feels somewhat awkward.
But that doesn't mean that I would never apologize myself.

If he doesn't know what to do, he might just ignore you and wait for things to cool down.
You can't really understand his mind like that.
Men can be a bit pathetic like that, can't they?
But maybe that's the cute part.

“You ignore it because it's awkward, even though you feel comfortable saying, “Time will tell.
Let's take advantage of his psychology and wait until he has no more patience.
It must be hard for him to keep ignoring it.
Watch over him warmly, as if he were a child.

We had a fight and I ran out of energy.

Men are always serious.
I try very hard to fight with you.
That's why I feel so exhausted after a fight.
“You may think so, but there is something about men that makes them feel like children.

The reason he seems to be ignoring you may actually be because he's tired.
Like a child being scolded and falling asleep before he knows it, he just sits still because he is tired.
It doesn't mean they are ignoring you.

You should wait for him to recover his energy.
After a while, he'll say, “I'm hungry, want to get something to eat?” That's what he'll say.

5 points to make up with him after a quarrel

If you want to make up with a guy you had a fight with, it will work better if you treat him with some pointers rather than just bumping into him in the dark trying to make up.
In order to make the rain fall and the ground harden, let's plan a strategy first.

Treat people as you normally would.

If you're aware that you've had a fight over something trivial, it's better to treat your boyfriend as you normally would rather than be weirdly conscious.
This will make it easier for your boyfriend to get a chance to compromise with you.

If you've had a fight over something trivial that wouldn't normally make you particularly angry, it's likely that the conversation got out of hand.
The root cause of the problem was just a mutual bugbear, and as long as there is an opportunity to compromise, you should be able to make up for it quickly.

If you try to close the distance cautiously and poorly, the anger may come back.
If you treat him as you normally would, he will feel embarrassed that you are the only one who is angry, and it will be easier to return to your normal relationship.

Think about making up after you've calmed down.

When you have a fight due to a clash of opinions that you can't compromise with each other, both of you first need time to cool down.
When the blood is rushing to your head, the solutions you come up with often don't turn out well, so first calm down and then think of a way to make up.

Immediately after a fight, we tend to think things we don't really mean, such as “I'm ready to break up with you” or “I never want to see your face again.
If you try to solve the problem in such a situation, you will only settle for the means of separation.

If you don't want to regret breaking up with someone on the spur of the moment, first get alone with each other and cool down.
If you find that you end up arguing again when you see each other, you should try to spend time in different rooms or go out if you are living together.

In that case, running out of the room without saying a word is not a good idea because it will make the person feel even more uneasy.
Tell them, “I'm going to cool down a little bit,” before you go outside.

Think about the cause of the quarrel.

Unless one of them has done something against human ethics, such as cheating on the other, the cause of a couple's quarrel is rarely one side's fault.
Even though there is a difference in the percentage of negligence, both parties have their own causes, which can lead to quarrels.

For example, if you are dissatisfied with his attitude towards life, and when you point it out, it leads to a fight.
He may have had a bad attitude, but there may have been a thorn in your side that hurt him.
If you had said it differently, he could have taken it in stride.

If you want to make up with your boyfriend after a fight, be honest and admit what you think you did wrong, and at the same time tell him that you want to improve in the future.
If you do this, your boyfriend will be more likely to apologize to you honestly.

If a man's affair is the cause of a fight, it may be the fault of the one who was cheated on, but don't forgive him for cheating there.
If you forgive easily, they will take it as a sign that it's okay to cheat on you, and in many cases they will repeat the same thing.
A man who does the same thing to you will not cheat on you, so you should be firm and angry about it.

Think of a solution to avoid fighting for the same reason in the future.

Even if you are able to reconcile, you will not be able to grow if you keep fighting for the same reasons again.
A fight is a chance for the two of you to improve your relationship.
Don't forget to think of a proper solution to make the opportunity meaningful.

In such a case, don't think about what to do on your own and impose your ideas one way or the other, but discuss and decide the rules between the two of you.
If the rules are mutually agreed upon, he will be aware that he has to follow them.

Especially if you are living together with the intention of getting married, it is important to set detailed rules while you are still not registered.
After marriage, men tend to let their guard down and relax, so it is necessary to make it a habit before marriage.

When you're ready, contact them yourself.

You've figured out how to make up with him, you're ready to apologize, you've figured out the rules and solutions for the future, and all you have to do is wait for him to contact you.
Wait a minute.
Do you need to wait for him to contact you when you're that ready?

If you want to apologize and make up with him, don't wait for him to do so, but contact him yourself.
The idea that you will lose if you apologize will only get in the way of your desire to reconcile.

As you wait for him to contact you, he may turn his attention to other women.
Let's get rid of the idea that this is not the case with my guy.

Words of apology to him when you regret having fought with him.

Sometimes you have a fight with your boyfriend and you regret it, but you don't know how to apologize to him because he always apologizes to you.
In such a case, you should be brave enough to apologize to him based on what I am about to introduce.

Clarify the reason for the apology.

If you are in the position of being apologized to, it's hard to accept an apology of “I'm sorry” when the other person doesn't seem to understand why you are angry.

When you apologize to people, it is easier to convey your sincerity if you are clear about what you feel bad about and what you are apologizing for.
If you apologize just to make someone feel better, it will not resonate with them.

No long winded excuses.

It's okay to say “I'm sorry,” but there are people who make long excuses afterwards.
Doing so will only get on the other person's nerves and will not be beneficial to either of you.
If you have something to say to the person, summarize the main points before you say it.

You can't apologize and shift the blame to the other person.
If you have decided to apologize, then first apologize gracefully and admit your mistake.
Then, after you make up, you can discuss a solution to avoid fighting over the same thing in the future.

Apologize while maintaining skin-to-skin contact.

If you are apologizing from a woman to a man, skinship is a powerful way to help them unwind.
If she apologizes to you while squeezing your hand or hugging you on the back, you can't help but forgive her, and that's the cute thing about men.

However, it is counterproductive to try to have skin-to-skin contact when you are at the peak of your anger.
First, get some distance and give each other time to cool down, and then make an appointment to meet and apologize.

What kind of chat should you send after a fight?

Chatting, which allows you to easily contact various people, can be used as an opportunity to make up with a guy you had a fight with.
If you don't want to prolong the fight, why don't you send him a chat first and see how it goes?

Let's just say I'm sorry I was out of line earlier.

When a fight breaks out, it is usually the women who are the most outspoken.
Women are better at verbalizing their feelings than men, so they are more likely to speak out in anger.

Men's pride is deeply wounded when they are talked down to by women.
He thinks he is pathetic as a man and gets angry not only at her for saying what she wants to say, but also at himself for not being able to say it back.

For this reason, I recommend that the chat you send after a fight where your boyfriend is unable to respond to your words should include an apology for having said too much, whatever the cause of the fight.
It will ease some of the pain in his wounded heart.

I'll tell him to call you when he's settled.

If you've had a fight and your boyfriend is too angry to get rid of you, you need to calm down first to make up for it.
If it's just a small quarrel, the anger will most likely subside after a night.
However, if you have had a big fight, it will take some time to calm down.

So, if you have a big fight, just chat with him to let him know that you want to hear from him when you feel better, and then leave it alone for a while.
If you poke him unnecessarily because you're concerned about his feelings, you may rekindle his anger.

Let's just say I'm not mad at you anymore.

If the woman's anger is greater than the man's when they fight, the man does not want to provoke her further and arouse unnecessary anger.
Especially when a woman gets upset about something that happened in the past, men will be cautious not to touch her.

In this case, if you have the desire to make up with him, the first step is to let him know that you are not angry with him anymore.
This will make it easier for him to get in touch with you and apologize.

However, if you are not angry, but you are hurt, make sure to tell her when you meet her.
Many men think that not being angry anymore = forgiveness, so it's important to let them know that you don't want them to go through with the problem in order to fix the root cause.

NG behavior that should not be done after a fight

There are some NG behaviors that you tend to do after a fight that will make him dumbfounded or make him angry.
In order to have an equal relationship with him, you have to be careful not to engage in these NG behaviors.

I blame you for crying.

Many women find that when their emotions are aroused, their tear glands relax, regardless of their intentions.
However, if you repeatedly cry when you fight with him, he will probably break down at first, but gradually his feelings will fade away.

In particular, it is not a good idea to blame him by crying out hysterically.
No matter how right you are in what you are saying, if you cannot say things calmly, your words will not reach his heart.
Men find it impossible to discuss things on an equal footing if a woman cries.

If you can't hold back your tears when you are upset, try to finish crying first and then tell him what you think.
The feelings that can be conveyed if spoken properly can be distorted when crying.

I apologize in an appropriate manner.

When you have a fight with your boyfriend, don't you just say “I'm sorry” to appease him, even when you don't think it's your fault?

No matter how troublesome it may be for him to get angry, it is not recommended to apologize even when it is not your fault.
Repeated apologies without substance can make him feel like a fool.

When you apologize, you need to tell them what you feel bad about.
Giving a reason for your apology will make it easier to convey your sincerity and desire to make up.

Bringing up the past.

This is especially common among women, but it is best to avoid blaming the other person for the current problem by linking it to the past, as this can lead to confusion.

If you bring up his past mistakes and errors now, it will not make him feel sorry for himself.
In fact, it can make you doubly angry, wondering why you are rehashing the past now.

For women, the past may be part of the present, but for men, the past is the past and the present is the present.
Do not try to bring up the past to bring the other person to his knees, as this may lead to a quarrel getting bogged down.

What is the psychology of a boyfriend who breaks up with you?

What do you think men think about after a fight escalates into a breakup?
Although it varies from person to person, more often than not, men are in a different state of mind after a breakup with a lover than women are.

Frustrated and unable to make calm decisions

Men have a tendency to feel anger more easily than women.
Most men become uncontrollably frustrated when they have a fight or a breakup.

And it's not uncommon to get so frustrated that you can't get anything else done.
Trying to change your mood doesn't work, and it takes time to calm down.

If she apologizes to you before your frustration has subsided, you will not be able to listen to her properly.
Even if she asks you to meet her, you may not feel like it, and in fact, you may end up retreating into your shell even more.

Desperation and escape from reality.

Many men become frustrated and desperate after a contentious breakup with a girlfriend.
He may stop thinking about the future, spend the night with another woman even though he hasn't completely broken up with her, indulge in alcohol, or engage in other behaviors that could be described as escaping reality.

This is because we want to do things that we normally wouldn't do, to experience an unusual feeling and forget about our bad feelings.
And when they suddenly come to their senses, not a few men fall into a state of self-loathing.

Some women blame their boyfriends for their behavior while they were fighting and breaking up, but it is better to turn a blind eye if you want to make up in the end.
After all, he may be doing so unconsciously, and if you touch on that, there will be no room for forgiveness.

bask in the feeling of freedom

Feeling a sense of freedom after breaking up with your lover may be a feeling that only men can feel.
Some men feel liberated rather than angry or sad if they are able to say what they want to say when they break up a fight.

Especially if she is jealous, or if she is too strong-minded to talk back, the release you experience will be great.
In that case, you may even think that you will never have to fall in love again.

However, this way of thinking is only temporary, and as soon as you feel better, you will begin to regret the breakup or start looking for a new relationship.
So, if you want to get back together, aim for a time when he will feel lonely.

After a while, you start to face yourself.

When you have an argumentative breakup, you may not be in a calm state of mind and may not be able to acknowledge the bad parts of your relationship.
However, as time goes by and your feelings calm down, there comes a time when you begin to think and reflect on the cause of the quarrel and what each other has to say.
This is true for both men and women.

For women, complaining to a friend often helps them sort out their feelings.
In the case of men, it can be said that there are many patterns that they just keep asking themselves.
There will be times when you won't even contact her until you have a clear answer in your mind.

Regret the breakup.

The psychology of men after an argumentative breakup is dizzying, but in most cases, it lands in regret for the breakup in the end.
If it comes down to regret, men are rather more likely to be unfulfilled than women.
If that happens, I'll send her an unrequited chat, which she's already blown off.

Depending on how long it takes for a man to feel remorse and come to regret, a woman may have already completely sorted it out as a memory of the past.
It is very difficult for a man to ask for reconciliation if he has reached that point.

If a woman wants to make up with her boyfriend after a quarrel breakup, she can leave him alone for a while and eventually the time will come when she can contact him.
If you contact her right around the time of the breakup, you may be able to get back together more quickly than if you contact her right after the breakup.

Can you get back together with your boyfriend after a breakup? 7 ways to get back together

Some of you may have broken up with someone on the spur of the moment, even though you didn't really intend to.
“I want to get back together with my boyfriend after our fight. I want to get back together with my boyfriend!

Allow a period of time for your head to cool down.

If you want to get back together with your boyfriend after an acrimonious breakup, you need to give him a cooling off period first.
Depending on how tense the breakup was, you may need to keep your distance for at least a week to let each other cool down.

If you contact your boyfriend when he is still reeling from the frustration of the fight, it will most likely backfire by rekindling his anger.
Sometimes it's better to do nothing and let it go if the effort will make things worse.

The length of the cooling off period is meaningless if it is too short, and if it is too long, you will miss the timing for reconciliation.
Ask around to find out how they are doing, and contact them when they have calmed down.

First, apologize honestly.

If the breakup was caused by a fight, the first thing you need to do to get back together is to apologize sincerely.
It is possible to just let it go without apologizing to each other, but it is better to apologize to each other as a way to end the conflict and build a good relationship afterwards.

When apologizing, be concise and clear, and don't make excuses.
If he knows that you are sorry, he will be more willing to listen to you.
It is best to talk about reconciliation only after you have apologized.

Understand your own immaturity as well as the other person's.

If you try to make the other person feel sorry for themselves by blaming only their bad points after a breakup, it will not work.
Even if you knew you were in the wrong, you couldn't admit it honestly, and that's why you got into a fight.
In order to get out of that situation, you have to wait until you can admit to yourself what you did wrong and reflect on it.

Also, most of the time, a fight will not be the fault of only one person.
We must understand and accept our own immaturity in order to avoid repeating fights.

If you think that you can get back together with him if he apologizes to you after a quarrel breakup, then you are still immature.
Rather than thinking of ways to make him apologize, you should think of ways to make him compromise, which will make it easier for you to get back together.

Determine the underlying reason for the fight.

When you are feeling calm after a fight, you may try to remember the cause of the fight, but you may not be able to remember it clearly.
Even if you make up, you can't keep fighting over the same cause and breaking up again.

If you want to get back together after a quarrel and build a better relationship, you need to face each other properly without looking away from the reasons for the quarrel.

Try to think properly about why the fight got heated to the point of breaking up, and why the fight started in the first place.
This way, you will know how to apologize to the other person in a sincere manner, and you will know what to do to avoid quarrels after the reconciliation.

Tell him how you feel by meeting him in person.

It is easy to express your feelings through chat rooms and phone calls, but if you want to express your serious feelings, meeting in person is recommended.
That way, you will be able to convey the feelings you have straight away.
It is difficult to convey your feelings in voice or text alone so that the other person does not misunderstand.

If you find it difficult to speak well in front of your boyfriend, you can meet him in person and give him the letter and have him read it in front of you.
Use dinner as an excuse to ask your boyfriend out and create an opportunity to talk face-to-face.

Discuss how to prevent similar fights from happening.

If you have a quarrel over a difference in values or something that will affect your future relationship, it is important to take the opportunity to discuss it without imposing your ideas unilaterally.
You need to ask your boyfriend's opinion on how to solve the problem and find a mutually acceptable landing spot.

Fights take a lot of effort and can be very stressful.
If repeated over and over again, it can get bogged down until it becomes impossible to forgive each other.
To avoid wasting each quarrel, let's turn the crisis in our relationship into an opportunity to come closer to each other.

Ask people around you to help you make up.

If your boyfriend doesn't respond to you no matter how many times you contact him, and you think you can't repair the relationship on your own, ask for help from those around you.
In the case of an acrimonious breakup, it is sometimes better to have a third party in between who can give you an objective opinion to help you get back together.

If the two of you meet alone and you end up arguing again, it is better to have a mutual friend or someone who can give you an impartial opinion so that you can have a calm discussion.
A third party's opinion may help both parties see issues that they were not seeing.

However, if you include someone in the discussion, do not prepare only your own side.
If you make it a two-on-one situation, your boyfriend will only be accused of being one-sided, and you will not be able to have a healthy reconciliation.
You should try to bring one person who is not an enemy on either side, or one friend from each side.


Men are simple and as pure as children.
Even if he seems to dislike you and ignore you after a fight, there may be a different reason for it.

The psychology of men, which women don't understand, is actually not that complicated or anything, they just seem to ignore it for a simple reason.

You should watch over him with an open heart, like a mother.
As you do this, the two of you will be able to build a peaceful relationship together.


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