9 Ways to Start an Affair in Your Company! How to proceed with an affair and the dangerous risks

Love and Marriage

Adultery is wrong.
Even if you know it in your head, if there is a nice boss or a colleague you like in your company, you must be longing for them at least once.
Surprisingly, many people may be having an in-house affair.

The company you go to every day has many events that can trigger an affair within the company.
If you have someone in your company that you are interested in, please check it out.
Also, of course, there are great risks involved in infidelity.
In this article, I will also introduce the dangers of infidelity.

Four reasons why a woman wants to have an affair.

I'm attracted to illicit love.

It is safe to say that there is little benefit for a single woman to have an affair with a married man.
Why do so many women commit adultery in spite of this?

This is probably because the thrill of choosing someone you are not supposed to like, or having a relationship where you have to keep the relationship a secret, is pleasurable.

The more obstacles there are in a relationship, the more exciting it becomes, and the more dramatic it becomes for those who are caught in the middle.
The guilt and immorality of doing something wrong seems to be an attraction that they can't seem to escape.

There was an attractive single man.

We often hear the phrase, “All good men belong to others.”
It is true that most attractive men who are good looking and good at their jobs already have girlfriends or are married.

Many women will be more attracted to a married man who is good at his job, has a good heart, and is financially wealthy than to a single man who no one will look at.

Such men are also very good with women, and there is a pattern of them captivating single women and making it impossible for them to get out of the affair.

I found out later that the man I fell in love with was married, or I didn't know after we started dating that he was married.

This is a case where the woman did not start out wanting to have an affair, but found out later that the man she fell in love with was married and ended up having an affair.

There are times when a man will start a relationship without telling you that he is married, only to find out after you have been dating for a while that he is actually married.
Therefore, you should be very careful when getting to know a man whose identity you are not sure of.

However, if you are already attracted to a married man even after you find out that he is married, you may end up having an affair with him even if you did not have any desire to have an affair.

Our interests are aligned.

“It seems that married men who don't want to destroy their families but want to have a girlfriend, or men who want to fill their loneliness because they don't get along with their wives or don't have sex with their wives, and single women who are divorced and don't want to get married anymore, or women who have a true love but want to have fun with other women, etc., when their interests coincide in various patterns, they become involved in an affair.

When couples understand what each other wants and what they don't want to lose, it can be said that many couples build a long and peaceful relationship, even if it is an affair.

10 Recommended Triggers for Starting an Internal Affair!

I'm working late and we're alone.

One of the most common triggers for an affair on a daily basis at work is overtime when the two of you are alone.
Normally, overtime work is done by several people.

But what if you are left alone with him for some reason?
There are many times when you feel like going home after a long day of overtime work.

It's natural to say, “Thanks for your hard work, let's have a drink and then go home,” with someone who has been working late.
Just the sense of accomplishment of finishing each other's work is enough for them to head out to dinner without ulterior motives.

However, when the two of you actually have dinner or drink together, you tend to have special feelings that are more than just friends, as you talk about your private life and not just about work.
The “camaraderie” of working late can bring two people closer together and lead to a relationship between a man and a woman.

Work in the same team.

If you are on the same team, your duties will be similar.
Even if the positions are different, such as sales and clerical, the work is still the same.
You will always see each other every day, and you will probably talk to each other more often to communicate business matters.

Also, the similarity in the content of the work means that the problems and joys you have at work will also be similar.
And as the team you belong to gets busier and busier, and you have less and less time to spare, you will also feel the need to share your complaints and frustrations.

The bond that can be said to be formed through the sharing of these emotions becomes strangely strong.
The hard times, when you are forced to work overtime, are also a chance for you to talk calmly with your partner.
In the process, romantic feelings often develop.

Develop from the relationship between your immediate supervisor and subordinate.

The relationship between a boss and a subordinate is one of the most likely to develop into an affair.
In a relationship between a boss and a subordinate, the boss guides the subordinate and the subordinate relies on the boss in no small measure.

And as supervisors take care of their subordinates, they often develop a good feeling for them based on how they work and their attitude.
Since we will be working in close proximity to each other, we all want to take care of the good things about the other person.

In addition, subordinates often have a good impression of their bosses as being dependable and kind.

However, if one of them is married, it is not common for the relationship to develop directly into a romantic relationship.
However, because the relationship is one where you see each other every day, it often turns into an affair when the impetus is right.

Working together on a business trip

Business travel is one of the cases where the work itself becomes the trigger.
Although it is not very common, there are times when a boss and a subordinate of the opposite sex, or even colleagues, go on a business trip together.
This is often the case for educational purposes, such as when a married senior employee takes a less career-oriented employee with him.

Of course, both seniors and juniors are going out on business, so it's not like a trip.
However, when the business trip is over and all you have to do is return to the office, the feeling of freedom can cause special emotions.

Especially for newcomers, completing a business trip is a special kind of accomplishment.
This can lead to a misunderstanding at a private party, which in turn can lead to an affair.

Ask for help with your work.

Asking your boss or co-workers for advice about your personal life is one of the factors that can lead to an affair.
In particular, workmates of the opposite sex are valuable people to whom you can discuss your own love life without romantic feelings.

However, if you are asking for advice on something related to love, the person you are asking will see you as a member of the opposite sex.
In this way, you will notice feminine qualities that you are not usually aware of, and this will lead you to develop romantic feelings.

In addition, the fact that you have asked your boss or a senior member of the opposite sex for advice about your love life is an indication that you trust them.
Regardless of whether you are aware of it or not, it is possible that because you feel that you are the opposite sex that you do not dislike, you may develop romantic feelings for each other and end up having an affair.

I know we're in different departments, but sometimes I feel like we're meant to be.

If you are in a different department, but you see each other every once in a while, it can be a good opportunity to have an affair at work.
When you were in school, many women may have had the experience of falling in love with a guy from another class who often passed them in the hallway.

It is often the case that you only see him once in a while, and that's why you are somehow interested in him.

Even if you don't have any special romantic feelings for someone, when you start talking to them afterwards, such as when you are on a team or are reassigned, you may feel a sense of destiny from the conversation, “Oh, we used to cross paths, didn't we?

A man who is good at infidelity is also good at creating an atmosphere, so it's not surprising that he gets nervous when someone says, “I've had my eye on you since that time.

Get to know each other through company trips

In many cases, events within the company or department are the trigger, but one of the most special is the “company trip.
Of course, there are very few cases where a relationship is formed during a company trip.

No matter how much alcohol is consumed at a party, in an environment where there are many employees, they will see each other as employees.
Even if you have special feelings for someone, it is not advisable to have a male-female relationship in an inn or hotel where many employees sleep together.

However, there are many cases where the company trip is an opportunity for each person to become aware of each other's attractiveness and to become aware of each other as members of the opposite sex.

On company trips, we dress completely differently from when we are at work, and show different expressions.
You may even catch a glimpse of a half-private face.
We often feel “heterosexual attraction” in their true faces.

Good friends who joined the company in the same year

It is also a common case of having an affair with a colleague who joined the company in the same year.
Because we joined the company at the same time, we are friends who share all the memories of our time in the company.
They rarely dislike the other person because they often complain to their bosses or talk to them about their work.

Since they are close in age, they may have similar hobbies and trends, and often deepen their friendship through private conversations.
Also, because of their proximity in age, their marriage dates are similar, so the relationship may continue and become a W affair.

If you are in the same company, you see each other every day at work, so the loneliness and lack of communication that comes with infidelity is lessened, and you often end up having an affair for a long time.

Attracted by the gap at the event

There are few people who say they don't participate in company events.
Some people might think that they have to participate even if they don't want to go.
However, it is the internal events that provide the opportunity for an affair to develop.

People's impressions change drastically when they change their clothes, don't they?
At a sporting event, you may be surprised to find out that your normally quiet boss has shown a lot of energy and enthusiasm. ……

Of course, your partner will be thrilled to see you acting and dressing differently than usual.
We also have private conversations at the launch after the event.
It is not uncommon for the true face of a person to be seen away from his or her daily work, which can lead to romantic feelings.

We hit it off at the bar.

There are so many couples who have started an affair after a drinking session within their company or department.
It is not uncommon for large workplace drinking parties, such as year-end parties, to have an after-party or three.

If you are a supervisor or a senior, you will have to attend the third party due to your position.
It was not possible for only the subordinates to go home, so they would stay together until late at night.

At the end of the day, we will take the train or cab home, but if our homes are in the same direction, it would be strange to go all the way home separately.

If it is a cab, it is rather natural for two people to take a cab together.
It is often the case that a conversation between two people in a private setting is surprisingly lively and romantic feelings develop over a few drinks.

Don't get too excited! Three Dangerous Risks in an Internal Affair

Possibility of relegation

An in-house affair is exciting and every day is a thrill.
Some people will enjoy going to work.
However, if you get too excited and the people around you find out, you will be taking a very big risk.
You have to keep this in mind as well.

If a couple is having an in-house affair and they are in the same department, there is a good chance that one of them will be moved to the left.
Also, even if you are hoping for a promotion in the future, your reputation will suffer if your affair is exposed.
It will be a tough time for the company.

There is a risk that you will feel uncomfortable at work because of the eyes around you, which may result in you quitting the company.
Be prepared to give up your career if you have an affair within the company.

divorce crisis

It's not just your job that you could lose if you are caught having an affair.
You risk losing your family as well.
Adultery is an act of betrayal to one's wife or husband.
If you are caught having an affair, there is a good chance that you will be asked for a divorce.

In that case, since you are responsible for the situation, you will naturally be asked to pay a fee.
The amount varies depending on your income and the circumstances of the affair, but it is certainly not an amount that you can easily afford.

Also, if you have children, you may not be able to see them.
Even though the child is innocent, it is a form of making him or her feel lonely.
Even if the man with whom you are having an affair decides to divorce his wife, it does not mean that he will marry you.

Men who have an in-house affair tend to repeat the same thing.
It is possible that there are other adulterers besides you.
Try not to have excessive expectations.

I can't leave him.

It can be thrilling and fun while you are having an in-house affair.
However, when you want to leave the other man for whatever reason, you will realize the horror of infidelity.

If the other man does not want to let you go, he may not be willing to split.
In that case, you may receive threats of revealing your relationship to the company.

Also, if the other party is your boss, you will be harassed in many ways.
The fear of that harassment makes it impossible to leave.
When you are having an in-house affair, the company that was supposed to be heaven becomes a space of hell from the moment you want to leave.

You never know when a relationship between a man and a woman will cool down.
If things go cold, it is very hard to clean up after an in-house affair.

Enjoy an exciting love affair! How to proceed with an affair while avoiding risks

I won't tell anyone.

When you start an internal affair with someone you care about, you can't help but want to tell your closest friends.
However, you should never talk about it to the people around you.
Even close friends are in danger of telling someone about something that happened to them.

Don't post photos of your trips or dates on social networking sites.
Even photos that don't show you or your partner can lead to all sorts of speculation and result in being exposed.
Anyway, don't tell anyone and enjoy your secret relationship.

Do not use internal e-mail.

Don't use internal emails to communicate with people about meeting up, etc.
There is a danger of inadvertently sending a simultaneous email to the entire company.

Also, internal e-mails are only used by you, but you never know when someone else might see them.
As the duration of the in-house affair grows longer and you get used to it, you may let your guard down and make a big mistake.
At all times, stay in a sense of urgency.

Don't take the same day off.

Try not to take your days off on the same day, as there is a risk that other coworkers will find out about your in-house affair.
If you take a day off once or twice, it's just a coincidence and people won't notice, but if you take frequent days off on the same day, people will notice.

Once you are suspected of being suspicious, it is only a matter of time before you are exposed from there.
In extreme cases, it is unavoidable, but basically, it is recommended that you take your desired vacation on a different day.

Make sure your alibi is perfect.

You may have a date with the person you are having an in-house affair with on your day off.
If you do, make sure you have a good alibi.
In a normal conversation, when a colleague asks you about your vacation plans or memories, prepare an excuse so that you can answer without hesitation.

If you think about it beforehand, you won't have to panic.
However, if you don't think about it beforehand, you may not be able to come up with a lie in a moment's notice, or there will be a strange pause, which will lead to people starting to suspect you.
Make sure you and your affair partner have a good alibi.

I'm worried about having an affair in my office because I don't have anyone to talk to…

A secret love is a painful thing that should not be told to anyone.
Especially when the affair is going well, but when the relationship progresses and you start to feel dissatisfied or anxious, or when you have doubts such as, “Can I continue with this relationship? It is very painful to have no one to talk to when you have doubts such as “should I continue the relationship?


There are many opportunities for in-house infidelity in a company.
If you have a nice boss or someone you are interested in, there is a chance that you can have an in-house affair.

Having an in-house affair makes going to work more enjoyable and motivates you to work harder.
It's exciting because you get to work in the same environment all the time with the people you love.

But of course, there are many dangers involved in an in-house affair.
Make sure you understand the various risks.
To avoid regrets later, do not have an in-house affair with an easy heart.
Consider the various risks and enjoy your affair while taking care not to get caught.


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