For couples who are struggling with a lack of topics: 13 topics youcan use on the phone to have a great conversation with your boyfriend.

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What if awkward conversations make it worse for both of us? Forcouples who have just started dating, running out of theseconversation topics is a common problem, right?
You used to talk casually as friends, but as a couple, you mayunconsciously tend to be more reserved and choose your words moreoften than you would like. However, if you get the hang of it, you canmake the conversation more lively and natural than you mightthink.
In this article, we're going to introduce 13 great conversation topicsfor couples who are struggling with date night conversations. Let'suse these tidbits as a guide to expand your conversation!

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Let's start with a familiar topic!

If you don't know what to say or can't think of anything to say, whynot start at the beginning with the basics, something close to you?Even if it's just a simple greeting or a casual talk about daily life,it will help to narrow the gap between you and each other a littlebit.

Content 1: Morning and evening greeting talk

If you don't share the same hobbies and interests and are looking fora quick conversation starter, try sending a simple “good morning” or”good night” greeting on social networking sites in the morning orbefore going to sleep at night. This is a great way to start aconversation.
If you can, it's even better to add a sentence of reminder after thegreeting. However, it's also a good idea to avoid sending multiplemessages just because you don't get a reply right away, as the otherperson's schedule may allow it.

Content 2: Private life talk

Couples who are just starting out in a relationship still don't knowmuch about each other's families and personal lives. If you're seriousabout a long-term relationship, you'll eventually need to know aboutthese things, and it's useful not only as a topic of conversation, butalso as a way to gather information for the future.
However, there may be things that you don't want him to know, or thatyou don't want him to go into, so try to read the air and find anappropriate topic of conversation in the right place.

Contents 3. Favorite Food Talk

There are many differences in our tastes, but one of the most obviousis our food preferences. Why don't we start with this?
Knowing these mutual food preferences can also help you in the “I wantto go there talk” mentioned above to see if this restaurant is goodfor you. Especially knowing about the foods you don't like can helpyou to follow up on various things.

Regular but grateful hobby talk

It's something you can get lost in and get lost in time. That's what ahobby is all about. When you use the power of such hobbies, theconversation will naturally become more interesting. You can ask aboutyour partner's hobbies, or you can talk about your own hobbies.
There are conversations that expand as you share each other's hobbies,so if your date has run out of topics to talk about, try using thestandard hobby talk.

Content 1: Comedy talk

In recent years, many comedians have brought excitement to the world.So why not enjoy talking about trending topics and comedians?
Alternatively, you could try using each other's favorite comedy showsas talking points. It's easy to generate laughter naturally, so ifyou're stuck for a conversation topic, try to bring it up.

Contents 2: Favorite movie talk

Everyone has seen a movie at least once. And everyone has at least onefilm that they have a special attachment to. It's not a bad idea totalk about those movies. Movie talk can also be a good reference pointfor a date with your boyfriend.
It can also help you to find a DVD you want to watch at home, so ifyou are having a hard time talking about your favorite movies, use itto your advantage. When you watch a movie at the theater instead of athome, there is naturally no conversation while you are watching themovie. However, after you're done, you can talk about your impressionsof the movie and other topics of conversation with each other.
This is good for couples who just started dating and don't know whatto talk about. After watching a movie, let's talk about it over ameal.

Contents 3. Favorite Music Talk

Talking about music can also be a great factor to get you going. Youmay not always have the same musical tastes, but if that's the case,it's a good idea to introduce your or his favorite artists to eachother to get their attention. If he's interested, it may lead to himgoing to a concert with you.
In any case, whether it's movies or music, you'll want to let othersknow about the things you like, and you can expand the conversation.Outside of movies and music, you can expect sports topics to developin these ways as well.

Contents 4: Anime Talk

Many of us grew up watching cartoons growing up. That's why it's easyto get the conversation going with anime talk, and it can turn anawkward date into a positive experience. Especially if you're close inage, you might find that you have something in common with the animeyou used to watch in the past.
“Who's your favorite character in that anime?” “What cartoons did youwatch in school?” If you're having trouble finding a topic to talkabout on your date, I recommend you try Anime Talk.
Also, in recent years, there have been a lot of live performances byvoice actors and units within anime. There are fans who are not sointerested in anime, but see the voice actors as artists, and you canthink of this as an extension of the music talk that I mentioned aboveand try to talk to them.

Let's expand the story a bit more!

You can talk about familiar stories and hobbies, but if you start tothink that you'd like to talk about something else …… a bit more,you can expand the conversation to include more of the followingexamples. These types of stories will suddenly pop into your head whenyou are consciously checking out your surroundings, even outside ofyour hobbies.

Contents 1. Surprisingly useful smartphone app stuff

Most people use smartphones nowadays. The conversation topics that usethem are talks about smartphone apps. “What apps do you use?” “I'dlove to hear about any apps that were useful!” And so on.
These stories about smartphone apps have a lot of common ground totalk about, so if you're stuck in a conversation, why not casuallytalk to your phone app?

Content 2: Pet Talk

Quite a few families have pets. Therefore, it's effective to expandthe topic of your own pets or the pets of others. Of course, even ifyou don't have any pets, you can expand the conversation by mentioninga cute pet.
Alternatively, it's not a bad idea to visit a zoo or pet store wherethe topic of pets naturally comes up. Pets are not only soothing, butthey can also be a great help in case the conversation getsinterrupted. If you feel like your conversation with him is going tobe interrupted, try to make pet talk a topic of conversation once.

I recommend it for the phone! Let's talk about the potential forprogress in your relationship.

Once the talk has become much more relaxed, try to talk about morein-depth topics. This is the stage where you can expect the two of youto be able to make more progress rather than just talk about the topicso far. Your conversations with each other will also become morefocused on the other person.

Content that can be used on the phone: 1. Talk about places you'd liketo visit

You can also think about future dates and use the places you'd eachlike to visit as conversation topics. If you aren't sure where youwant to go, try to broaden the scope of your conversation. Especiallywhen it comes to travel topics, the conversation usually gets moreinteresting.
Especially when you talk about traveling abroad, you will be able tocontinue the conversation without any stress, and you will have morefun in the future. It's not a bad idea to have a serious conversationabout what kind of places you would like to travel to and think aboutthe future.

Content that can be used on the phone: 2. Talk about memories

Memories are things that naturally stick in your mind, which is whyyou can continue to talk about them without being overwhelmed. You canuse your memories to your advantage by talking about a memorable placeor talking to each other about memorable music. Sometimes it's also agood idea to talk about a lost love.
Some people may feel that talking about heartbreak is not the way togo. However, a broken heart is what has made our relationship what itis today. Remember that this kind of memory talk is an option when youare stuck for a conversation topic, as it can be an opportunity tocherish your relationship.

Content that can be used on the phone: 3. Confide in each other's feelings

Especially at the beginning of a relationship, it can be difficult toknow what to talk about. In those cases, it's easy to just give lipservice. However, that's not going to help the relationship progressforever. If you are too cautious, hiding your true feelings in yourrelationship, you may find yourself in a situation where you start tomisunderstand each other.
If you're having trouble having a conversation, you should take theplunge and tell each other how you really feel. But if you're suddenlytrying to talk about what you're thinking, you're going to getnervous. So, it's easier to talk to each other if you play a gamewhere you put a question in a box and answer the questions you draw,for example, “What have you hated recently?
If you make the questions difficult to answer from the start, you maynot be able to listen to them as much as you would like. If you startout with questions that are easy to let go of and then get deeper anddeeper, your true feelings may come out!
No matter how close a couple is, there are times when men and womenare frustrated with each other and want the other to know how theyfeel because of differences in their values and upbringing. Knowinghow you feel about each other as early as possible will help you keepyour relationship together.

Content that can be used on the phone: 4. Talking about friends and family

The longer you're in a relationship, the more opportunities you'llhave to see your friends and family. You may not think that much aboutit when you first start dating, but it never hurts to talk about eachother's family and friends! You'll get an idea of what to expect whenyou meet them.
When you talk about your friends, the topic of conversation willexpand to include other things, such as popular games or TV showsyou've been watching, and you may end up having more fun than youimagined. If you decide on a theme, such as “friends with unusualhobbies,” when you talk, you might discover friends who are similar toeach other.
If you can't find an opportunity to talk about your friends, you canlook at an album to find friends with unique characteristics. Also,talking upfront about friends that you still go out with will make iteasier for your lover to talk to your friends when you go out todinner or play with them.
Don't you feel a little lonely when your lover goes out with someoneyou don't know? If you listen to your lover's friends, you'll feellike you know them too, and you'll be able to see them off on alighter note.
Family stories are also a great opportunity for your lover to get toknow the environment you grew up in. You may discover something new asyou listen to the story.


The biggest trick to get a conversation going is to talk about whatyou like to talk about. It's hard to listen to something that doesn'tinterest you. If you make up a laugh, you'll get stressed out and theconversation will disappear.
To prevent this from happening, the best way to keep the conversationgoing is to talk about the things you like to talk about. If you're ona date and the conversation is lost, start by talking about somethingyou like to do as a topic of conversation.
Then, once the conversation has gone on for a while, take a break fromyou and pick up something he likes to talk about and continue theconversation.
Couples who are able to share their favorite things with each other inthis way are the ones who naturally have long-lasting conversationsand smile naturally. Try to enjoy the conversation by using yourfavorite things as a point of reference.

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