Sometimes it is counterproductive to speak with human eyes



It is often said that “Please talk with the other person's eyes when talking”, but there was research that could be counterproductive depending on the situation.
This time I will introduce this.

This article is recommended for people who:

  • Someone who wants to feel good about talking to people
  • People who want to talk to people and convince others

Reference study

research summary

The research I referred to is as follows.
In the Eye of the Beholder
In this experiment, the speaker speaks while looking at the subject's eyes.
The experiment then examined whether the subject became positive (or negative) in the speaker's opinion, depending on the length of time to look at the eyes.

research result

The longer the speaker spends time looking at the subject's eyes, the stronger the tendency for the speaker to be negative.
And it seems that the technique of seeing and speaking was effective only when the speaker had a positive feeling or agreed with the content of the story.

How to make practical use of this in your life

So when you want to persuade someone who does n’t like you?
According to the experiment, the tendency to increase the persuasive power was the strongest when you looked at the other person's mouth.

So when you talk to the other person, be aware of the following:

  • Basically speaking, look at the other person's mouth when talking
  • If you know the person likes you, talk to them
  • Also, if you know that the person likes your story, talk about it
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