Creativity goes up when lighting is dimmed

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This time, I will introduce the research that “creativity is better in a dark room”.

This article is recommended for people who:

  • Someone who wants to give a good idea
  • Who want to be creative

A very simple method that anyone can use to improve creativity has been discovered.

research content

The following research is introduced.
Freedom from constraints: Darkness and dim illumination promote creativity

experimental method

In this study, we conducted an experiment in which subjects were asked to draw “an alien with the highest possible originality” in three different rooms: 150 lux of dark lighting, 500 lux of bright lighting, and 1500 lux of very bright lighting.

Experimental result

Of the three groups, subjects who participated in a dark room performed best.

Let's put this learning into practice

The general office brightness is 300-500 lux, so the 150 lux lighting is quite dark.
If you are practicing this method, try darkening the room to a level where you feel it is quite dark.

Even more interesting is that in this experiment, just thinking about the darkness has improved creativity.
In other words, you can enjoy this effect without actually darkening the room.
When you want to be creative, it seems to be effective just by closing your eyes.

If there are other people in the room, it may be difficult to dim the lights.
In such a case, I think it is good to go to a place where the lighting is dark.
That's why I recommend cafes and bars with slightly dark lighting.

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