Concentration improves by doing 20 minutes of meditation at a time 4 times a week


It is well known that meditation has a positive effect on mental.
I also practice to meditate every morning and night for 15 minutes each day.
However, there is no clear basis for deciding that 15 minutes a day is 2 sets. I just set a time that somehow seems to continue as a habit.
So I examined the time and frequency required to get the effect of meditation.

As a result of examining various papers, the most reliable research is as follows.
Mindfulness meditation improves cognition: Evidence of brief mental training

According to this paper, even for beginners, just 20 minutes a day of meditation 4 times a week can improve concentration by up to 50%.
Mindfulness meditation is a meditation method that objectively observes your senses and feelings.
Metacognition is trained by objectively recognizing yourself.
If you meditate for only 4 days a week, you will get a clear effect that will improve your motivation.

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