If you apologize for what you can’t do with your own power, you will be more trusted by others



Introduce a study that “Apologize for the rain, and trust from others will increase”.

This article is recommended for people who:

  • Someone who wants to be trusted by others
  • People who want to ask others what they want

Reference study

research summary

The research I referred to is as follows.
I’m Sorry About the Rain
This is a Harvard Business School study.
An experimenter conducted an experiment in which a cell phone was borrowed from a person who first met in the town.

research result

According to this experiment, rather than asking, “Will you lend me a mobile phone?” The probability of lending a mobile phone has increased by 45%.

How to make practical use of this in your life

So what should we do when it's not raining?
Actually, it doesn't have to rain.
In addition to apologizing for the rain, this effect can be achieved by “I'm sorry for the late train” or “I'm sorry for the consumption tax”.
Anyway, the point is to apologize for what human power can't do.
According to researchers, apology is a simple tool that affects communication, and it is important to apologize anyway, even if you are not negligent.

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